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Seventeen to go to David Montgomery bears have won three of four can you see can you say momenta madam home after Sunday's win against the giants Matt Nagy the bears didn't really seem that happy but Thursday's win over the lions felt much different the celebration postgame stuff like that that feeling you have men after that today I I you can feel it and so it doesn't mean that that doesn't mean we're gonna go out win every game that by no means and the remaining schedule is difficult the cowboys Packers chiefs and Vikings are all in the playoff hunt and the bears haven't played a team currently holding a playoff seed since way back on October twentieth when they lost to the saints in Detroit Adam Hogue WGN sports yeah that's going to change for the next for the cowboys are here next Thursday night Packers cheese Vikings lurking as the bears schedule does get a lot tougher the rest of the way hockey today on seven twenty WGN so home at home with the Colorado Avalanche first at the United center today Blackhawks goalies have been great robin letter Corey Crawford of stuff seventy two of their last seventy three shots as the ought to try to win their second in a row to thirty pregame three o'clock the puck drop right around seven twenty WGN America WGN sports and your money on WGN while Black Friday is a big deal here in the US it's also becoming a big deal in countries like France Denmark in South Africa that isn't always of two popular however some French lawmakers want to ban Black Friday all together and consumer rights groups in Britain question how clear or big the discounts are in various stores other critics saying it hurts small business markets will open up for a half day of trading here in about twenty five minutes we have thirty five degrees at o'hare thirty six at midway I'm gauge one on Chicago's very own.

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