Sasha Banks, Attorney, Bailey discussed on The Masked Man Show - Extreme Rules, WCW, and Loving Alexa Bliss With Nick Mundy (Ep. 61)


Roman reigns to win now here's why i can hear that i'm done with the belt being off of television done with it we know where this is going we know what they won let's just do lessner rains aggrey balls of fire give reigns the big win and then let's move forward i'm fed up i don't like having the rounds champ yet that's where they want to go catch the whole point of this he needs to kenny winning great balls of fire with the help of fend bauer and gals anderson and they all any and then roman reigns joins bullock la i mean that's the less sick is the hugh ever said bro and then i think that belhadj one it seems pretty pretty likely ju if balladur wins do tournament them and then have him team up with a bullet club to make it seem like they could take no stop this this is the same this is the same sasha banks needs attorney he'll argument that i'm fed up with monday no familiar with that was a good argument when we all thought bailey was a commodity and alexei that this was preelection bliss yet but i i wanted to say right now for the record that i was right and you guys were wrong and everybody on the internet was wrong about that and i'm going to go ahead and take my bongo home i can't believe everybody i'm hearing that was wrong about that could never you all early every one we were wrong is just alexa bliss is a better shielded than any of them yet and bailey just fell apart yeah.

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