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Stone. She probably. Either that or she'd come at the other end converted. Listen to Bernie, and he's got some ideas, you know, stuff. Here's another thing. I'm sure New York is like most places now that it's practically crime to have a cigarette. Not just of course, you can't have one inside the building. But now if you if you have one in the entrance way to the buildings they come after you at some places now have even if you're working like a factory, you're an assembly plant something like that they ban you from smoking in your own damn car. So if it's if you can't smoke tobacco on the job. Why can you smoke pop? Yes. Grace. I've never smoked weed before. Very fake. I really haven't. So I don't know how I would be maybe even more efficient Mel me out. And I get a real vibe going with the intro. Maybe it'd make me a better employee. Maybe we should try it. I don't think. So we need that we need we need one intro every day and a week we need we one may hate mail Monday. And we need a police blotter facts Friday, you'll never get anything done. That's the problem with pot. They don't seem. They don't seem to care about this because in states that have legalized marijuana quote going to work high on the job has become more common. You don't say what a shock that is John you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. John. Hi, hi. I want to correct yourself on something. Five hundred thousand dollars. It's eight hundred thousand dollars and counting that mayor coup. Eight. Was five hundred thousand dollars on that scam. She ran through the university of Maryland medical care, says there's other. Yeah. Then there's the Kaiser Permanente is whatever that is. That's another one hundred fourteen thousand so it's now the the clip I is about a week old. They've found another two hundred thousand on top all that. Eight hundred thousand and counting. When is she going to get one of the going to get rid of her? I mean, what what point is the she resign in disgrace, get aided or something. Car and. Well, fourteen out of fifteen councillors voted that that she should resign. But the thing is the one the one guy who didn't vote that she should resign. That's the president of the city council. I guess he figured he's got a conflict of interest because he becomes the mayor if they force her out, but I mean, what a scam that is usually you wait until after you're the speaker or or a Hillary Clinton can get away with it. But you know, most most people can't, and I've told you the story about the Jim right? The former speaker of the house from Fort Worth Texas back when the Democrats still control the and he was selling his bookstore. The people had done favors for is the speaker. And he ended up selling, you know, I don't know probably doesn't cases to Boston University, which is a overseas alma mater, and the president of of BU he sent he sent some over to the herald, and we were using them as doorstops for years. Eight wants to know if we can now legalize drinking on the job too. Ted Ted Kennedy would have appreciated that. Although for the Kennedys defacto has been leaked. What is the difference between smoking weed and drinking on the job at either one gets you high. Right. I mean, we can test for one we can't test for and guess which one that is. So that I would say if you know if you can if you can smoke weed on the job, and you can't test. Why should why should you be dragged up before your boss if you just have a few beers at lunch? Irish coffee or anything anything a four four five hundred forty two forty two. Yes. Grace. All the time. And that guy Jon Hamm, he came up with good ideas in show. It didn't affect him at all. He was better salesman because he was drinking. Well, that was the that was the days of the three MARTINI lunch brace. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. And and everybody everybody had about a pack of cigarettes, while they were drinking, those three Martino, pack and a half three MARTINI lunch. Then get back and start the real work. Yeah. That's right. Eight four four or five hundred with the good old days. Eight four four five hundred forty two forty two. I'm Howie Carr..

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