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Think they could unlock that beef and get back at it and i think Joel versus rudy would be a good matchup as well. So i think that would be a fun series and That's the thing. I'm i'm pretty neutral at this point. But there's a quite a few plays and teams that i would say i'd love to see chris paul rink. I'd love to see him in the finals because things go wrong for him at some point in the playoffs but he would be that one guy i think left. Who's like running out of time now to get at least a one shot at the finals and one chance to win a ring while he still as good as anyone else on his team so i would love to see that. It's really strange. You think about the brooklyn nets just quickly down. Talk about joel. Embiid nicola yokich. They could literally win the finals. Win the whole thing without really having center on the roster like right now. They're doing it against the bucks would blake griffin at center and then they could play joel and being the next round. They played nicole yokich and they could win the whole thing. And they don't even have a senator to stop the best centers in the game but they could still win. Just we have guys that are deep on the bench. That are more blamed blake griffin. But they have the andre during. I just you know they're just so good. That's how much we talked about deandre jordan. The first two months of the season and how this guy is playing too much at this point you kind of right like the only time that we might see deondraye jordan is have to dust them off against yokich are indeed at some point just. Because you're one another sizable guy out there. Who's used the garden in the post alexander in the stream here when we were talking about. Hey clippers nets. that'd be a decent finals he said l. la fans would cheer for the nets new york fans when something pretty funny. So that's another reason why it'd be a dream finals match. But let's hear from you guys in the stream team. Leave your dream finals. Matchup there and of course below this video in the comments. So let's see what the craziest one you can come up with. Actually before we move on. I just got this email. He's got some of you guys might be on this weird email thing to. Can you name the top. Five players favored to win the nba finals. Mvp right now. Of course don't know the teams but there is an actual thing that you can bet on one of these sites. Who would you think of the top five. Are you gotta start. We'll do the thing where we go around. You pick one guy kevin durant. That's number one odds on favorite six five two win tasks. Have guess donovan. Mitchell gotta be around. Well donovan mitchell. Second right now. Nine to two odds lee per why to one on you guys are going in order. Here gets a little more difficult tray with the fourth guy joel embiid. He's coming in fifth. I think he's a little low at eleven to one. So there's one guy above him and all thrown at you. Jeff devon booker guys. That's pretty impressive. Ten to one odds and then it goes like go bare harden. Paul george jaanus way down there. Because i guess people are saying there's no way the bucks are getting their kyri. Chris paul yokich yokich at thirty three to one odds on the weird one to me. Strange like good value right there skates a of course after they probably the title. That's the tough part. But of he's the no-brainer. Then that's just too low for this insane sort of in my opinion but i like you know like a two fifty to one the high andy green now the highest it gets to drew holiday one hundred to one. It's been what's been simmons. Ben simmons forty to one odds to in files. Mvp daily just wondering where he would fall in because it's tough to imagine him actually scribbled it. Yeah i guess you average a triple double but at star guy. Somehow this award is a bit like you know sixth man award like the guy who scores the most tense. I don't think that it had been sort of well. Legal dollar i guess. I guess that'd be the that'd be the only one that i can think of the top of the head where the guy who hasn't just scored a ton of points as as not one but sepe chimes in here with the heart and sneaky best out. It's hard like good one. Because even though durant probably score the most or kyrie he could get the storyline. He does the most. Yeah he could have the triple doubles out there. If he ever comes back. Who the heck knows. Yeah yeah all right our next question. Great start to this one. This is a fun. One quickey here from nathan be who has done the most for their value. This offseason summer in value would be daniel gifford. We're talking to date. He'll gaffer it here on stepping today. Nathan's maybe not wrong. Might get sees a little more value in him. Now that he played decently well but anyone else come to mind. I can't believe nate bjorkman already sent in an email for beach steph. And that's crazy. What a busy day for this guy. This might sound like a ridiculous answer. But i think chris paul has increased. Its value. the most this postseason eric pinkus have bleacher. Report reported that. Chris paul is expected to decline his player option for next season to try to sign another three year. Hundred million dollar deal which is crazy if you were watching basketball as recently as twenty eighteen chris. Paul signed a four year. One hundred and sixty million dollar deal with a player option for next season after year. One in houston looked like one of the worst contracts in the league. He was traded for russell westbrook. And that was the chris. Paul rehabilitation tour start. The thunder went to the playoffs lost in seven games. The next summer traded for kelly. Oubre junior ricky rubio and pick. Suddenly the sons are one of the best teams in the league. I don't know a forty one million dollars. A season is a bargain but the sons are happy to pay it right now. Chris paul will be thirty seven next playoffs but another three year. Deal doesn't sound too crazy when you see what he's been able to do these last two years and it's the last time that phoenix is really going to have a chance to do this before deondraye eight and gets the his next contract pretty weird to think though that six after we thought that he and signed. Maybe the worst deal in the league chris. Paul might be the top free agent available this summer. That's crazy it's crazy. It's crazy he could turn down forty four million dollars next season and it sort of makes sense for for him. We thought as the contract went. Of course he's going to opt in for forty four mill. But yeah i looked at it and i thought to why wouldn't he rip it up. He could get exactly. Yes something in that nature in that ballpark for a few years. It's wild i mean. Didn't he were do something similar. Burn harry's not an old man fan but he's injured more than even paulus but that's the big thing guys. I'm saying this is likely that there would be obviously suitors out there to give chris paul over one hundred million dollar deal for multiple years. Of course i agree with you guys. That's an insane answer. Though i mean we went from daniel gaffer to chris i mean honestly bring. Daniel gathered back to the bulls. That's when they fell apart and signed chris. Paul own mix okay. I can't believe it man. That's how much value chris. Paul has built into his career at this point. Even i want him on my team and it makes your team into a winner. He's a bullfrog man. You could save riddle lee. Who else would you add to this list. That's really increased their value. The try to the did lionore pathak. Gary trend junior gary and the made one point seven million this season and in his seventeen games with his average fifteen a game. Thirty six percent from downtown. A god like that in the nba gets paid. I think he's going to see himself. Getting probably a four year and four maybe fifty million dollar deal at of someone. I think i mean You can shoot threes and you're young and you really improve someone's gonna pay and that sort of money he's a. He's a very young guy and he improved a lot. This year for the for the blazes i mean nor pow..

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