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They just keep on stabbing. Stabbing. Stabbing. Stabbing stabbing. Or in this case hitting with a with an axe? So it kind of goes both ways. Right. It just have that overkill. Aspect to it. Especially in the face. Yeah. There are a lot of there are a lot of people in. You know in our era relatively modern late twentieth. Century early twenty first century who make a lot of that. As a as a clue to both the identity of the killer. And and what might have been her motivation? And then the reason at who's the one who discovers the the body. It's Lizzie who discovers her dad, theoretically. Right. Let me discovers her dad, and then she sends the house. She called the house may down who was napping. Upstairs, she she had the lingering effects of the illness. And she was she was dispatched to go. Find the Dr Who as I mentioned lived across the street when the doctor wasn't at home, then a family friend was called for. But in the interim Lizzy was standing just inside the screen door at the side of the house, and she had kind of nosy neighbor who saw her, and that that woman came over to, you know, help her when when Lizzie said that her father had been killed at some point after the doctor had examined Mr. Boardman, gone off telegram. Telegraph. Emma, who was visiting friends in a neighboring town. Lizzie volunteered that she thought that Abby had returned home at that point. The neighbor MRs Churchill at Bridget went upstairs and saw the body. The neighbor Alice Kravitz, or whatever. The nosy neighbor that she has always I have actually always thought. I Gladys Gladys Kravitz Zachariah sorry. So this brings us to the trial of Lizzie Borden. The core of this book from CARA Robertson, and we'll get to the case itself. How would you have voted.

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