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Ken sponsor. i fix it. Has done that. Heartbreaking thing it does company about new iphone thirteen pro only to take it apart. Well not only to take it apart. They do that to find out stuff about the inside since he how easy it would be to put back together. Macrumors ran a blow by blow by blow of a lot of what i fix. It found if you're interested in all of it. I would direct you either to the macrumors piece or two. I fix its own right up which also includes a boatload of pictures. Here are the two things it feels important to bring you here. How resistant it is to third party. Repair and the overall reparability rating. How resistant is it to third party. Repair vary at least the screen is and you gotta figure that. Is the most common repair for phones. According to fix it says macrumors despite the decoupling of the face. Ide- module and the display any display replacement disables face ide-. This means that the screen replacement not authorized by apple will result in non functional face idea components. A piece from cult of mac goes deeper on that saying that that's true. Even when the non authorized repair person uses parts made by apple the peace points to a video on youtube by account phone repair guru. They apparently replaced the display on one iphone thirteen with a display from another iphone thirteen but still hit a wall. According to the colt and important display message appears after the devices rebooted which reads unable to verify. This iphone has a genuine apple display putting the hands. That's original display back in or getting. The device repaired by apple is the only way to restore face. Id and remove the warning apple. Says it goes to such measures for security reasons. One can see that argument though one can also see arguments from the other side that the whole thing is meant to stymie third party repair shops while lining apples coffers. Either way it's an important thing to know the other important point from the. I fix at bus stop. How easy or difficult is it to fix. The latest communicators could be better could be worse. The macrumors p. says i fix it ultimately gave the iphone. Thirteen pro a reparability score of five out of ten due to the face. I d display replacement. Issue the double glass and the waterproofing methods that make some repairs more difficult if you heard monday's edition of nfl minutes. You heard daily tech news show host. Tom merritt talk about the upcoming shortage of everything that side the lots of ripples in the supply chain shipping concerns orders various components a lack of workers and of course the dreaded virus honestly. It's less like ripples and more like when you throw a rock into a pond than throw another rock than the ripples from both of those rocks kind of collide more oxen upon today among them a power shortage in china apple. Insider highlights are reuters report. That says a number of companies including some apple supply chain have had the halt production to comply with power consumption regulations. Those regulations deliver sort of one two punch tied to reducing emissions and tightened coal supplies. What does this mean for apple. According to the report not all apple suppliers in china have yet been affected and some of those which have have instead limited their operations for other companies. Instead however manufacturers of iphone components ranging from motherboards speakers have been forced to hold work for several days makes one wonder how slow the watch will be running among many many other things to wonder while foxconn has been affected. The apple insider piece indicates that that particular partner is shifting the head two other companies for which it works. Secret so-and-so say foxconn seen only a very small impact that seemingly been confined the non apple production to with the company adjusting staff shifts to move work to october another piece on the reuters report from apple. Three dot says. Tsmc another huge lincoln apple supply chain has not been affected. That site quotes the reuters. Report saying chipmakers united microelectronics corporation and taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company told reuters. There was no impact at their chinese plants. News of another likely ripple in the pond macrumors ran a piece late in the day. Monday saying that apple subsidiary beats had raised. The price of the beets flax headphones by twenty dollars. That moves the price from forty nine. Nine thousand nine to sixty nine ninety nine. According to the report macrumors figures. The jump is likely due to chip shortages and supply chain constraints that have raised the cost of components. Like the w wasn't chip while apple's mostly playing neo to supply chain bullets one avid apple watcher. Still sees slowdowns ahead. Macrumors ran a piece on monday. Highlighting expectations from t.f. International analysts mingji quo that had the analyst calling for a reduction in macbook shipments for the first half of next year. He sees apples. Orders dropping by fifteen percent for a few reasons one component shortages to structural demand change in the post kobe nineteen era and three product transition between legacy and new models post couvert nineteen era say. Macrumors reads that as decline in working from home demand though first half of next year. We'll mark two years since the start of the great hunker down is it that people won't be working from home or that they will have already upgraded angels on the head of a pin. I know the piece also expresses concern over individual purchasing power falling due to inflation again. It is unclear whether that's mingji quos read or macrumors. Lewis does expect. The new mac book air based on updated apple silicon hit production early in the second half of next year. Does that really mean a year. And a half without a new mac book macrumors thinks not according to the site apple is still expected. The launch redesigned fourteen and sixteen inch macbook pro models before the end of this year likely to be announced by a digital event in october or november. If you use spotify on your iphone you may have been hit by.

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