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Tell me everything you know about buffy betting go oh my gosh Fluffy heading start. Yeah I mean the thing about it is you know I'm I'm I'm a tree guy. I love him. I would. And I never thought I would hear about some linens ends made from wood from Eucalyptus trees and That's actually softer than cotton. Have you felt cotton. I have. It's soft I should saw. So you're telling me that buffy batting made from Eucalyptus fives is softer than cotton. It's softer than cotton. It's but it allows you to apparently feel incredibly cozy without overheating. But but here's you know I'm a nerd like this The thing I like about Eucalyptus sourcing is that it's much easier on the planet. Then incontinent it requires something like ten times less water. Okay grow so people like those Buffy comforters a here yes we the Every time we go to our cult gatherings Everyone has those buffy comforters. Because they're a cult favorite. I'm I'm making a suit out of Buffy comforters. For your birthday. I'm on my sewing machine. Actually super for thrilling. I hope it's a three piece suit. And she's I think the The overview of this whole buffy. The situation is kind of exciting. They have a ton of thousands of five star reviews. Oh yeah they. They averaged four point five stars okay. Don't ask me how I know that but I do have high octane reviews up the WAZOO. You here's the bottom line people and people by people I mean neck. You can try them and then you don't even have to pay for him if you don't like them. So what do you mean you get like send it to you. You try. Try it and then if you don't love it is ship it back ship that Shit right on back. That's I mean that seems good for the customer does not seem like a smart business models Out So if you WanNa get twenty dollars off your buffy batting you can go to. BUFFY DOT CO see. This is not to be confused with Buffy DOT COM. Tom This is buffy dot co dot. It's not buffy DOT com. That's their thing. You gotTa have a gimmick and that's there's you go there you're the code B. E. D.. And then you too could make a suit out of buffy comforter for your husband there you go. That's batting just what the code should be and we said. Bet On campus energy in our bedroom is big extra D be. We thought it would the.

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