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What I'm trying to say. Well there. You have it folks Ad Hominem thousands don't win the bait to true Taylor better to come armed with facts and figures than personal insults. We'll catch you next time on the debate. Today's episode is sponsored by Circle Struggling to make sure five more minutes doesn't end up being scene five more hours you circle to set limits and end the screen time debate with your kids once and for all circle is the easiest way to manage your family's online time across all they're connected devices inside and outside your home with circle home plus and the circle APP parents can filter what content is allowed set limits for screen time and monitor history and usage each family member has a profile. That's a fully customizable to their needs age and maturity right now. Our listeners get limited limited time offer of thirty dollars off a circle home plus when you visit meet circle dot com slash smash and enter smash at checkout get thirty dollars off when you visit meet circle dot com slash smash and enter smash at checkout. This is a limited time podcast exclusive offer. That's Meet Circle Dot com slash smash and enter smash to save thirty dollars. Today's episode is sponsored by radish a cooking club for kids. Radish is the experience that is delivered to your doorstep and get your whole family cooking and eating together each month children ages four to fourteen up receive a thematic cooking kit with illustrated straighted step-by-step recipe guides quality kitchen tools hands on kitchen activities table talk conversation starters apron patches skill lessons and more. It's the perfect summertime. Learning activity kids can build their own cookbook a favourite goto recipes and learn a crucial life skill. My daughter loves to help in the kitchen and these kids are a great excuse.

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