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To film that show at the more and they wanted some behind the scenes footage. My job was to set up a multi camera video set in the catacombs under the stage picture in your mind. The Hello Cleveland scene from spinal tap. And that's what it looks like the producers wanted to near interview footage with Mike mccready lanes Staley together. So at the time the very big gig for me, and I was super nervous. I studied up on all the band's had all my notes written out an index cards. I showed up extra early. So I could set up all the cameras and the lights I tested out the microphones like ten times. And then I waited and I waited and then I waited some more finally Mike mccready came by and said that lane wasn't going to be able to make it. We did a quick interview on camera. But I don't think it ever was used in the final edit I heard rumblings backstage about lane and drug use. But I just kept my head down and try to do my job. I do have a strong recollection of Staley finally showing up. In August, wearing a long sleeved sweater in fingerless gloves. I was sweating bullets in this guy needs a sweater. I thought Alison chains had a number one album shortly after this date, and then lanes daily essentially became a recluse Don and our doing morning drive here in Seattle on April fifth two thousand two when lanes body was discovered. It seemed like at the time. It was the end of an era an era for me that's was summed up that night as I was backstage at the Moore theatre. It was a who's who of Seattle music royalty. I felt lucky to be a fly on the wall that night and lucky to be asked to be on the stage last night, something special happened in music here in the Pacific northwest in the nineties. I was glad I was here to experience it. Ron said too early. You did a great job up there with the adult. Correct naturally. Did a really great. It was interesting to be in that theater. And that's one of those theaters you hope they never tear down, and maybe your connection to that particular theaters. The same connection that people have of the show box. I don't have a connection show box. I have a connection to the more. And then just being backstage seeing the old brick architecture walking through the green rooms and wondering what happened back in those places and be unsure not sit on the couch. Yeah. I I just think flashback on that night. And everybody was there. Like crystal was there guess from Soundgarden were there? I remember Mark Lanigan and being amazed at how tall he was. He's like six foot seven or something. So it was it was a very interesting show and then to think back on lane Staley, and how fragile he looked and of course, he sort of just disappeared from the scene pretty shortly after that those guys get together. Now, they just they have great appreciation for the fact.

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