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And this week in Washington the state surpassed more than a million COVID-19 infections since the pandemic started in all more than 48,000 people have been sent to hospitals in more than 10,000 have died Our state's restaurant in lodging operators say they need more help to avoid another wave of closures like the one in 2020 that forced thousands to shut down Washington hospitality association CEO Anthony Anton says hotels and motels had a double whammy first because they were left out of some of the relief programs and second the eviction moratorium which Anton says not only led to people staying in rooms for months without pain but also led to many damage rooms Anton points to examples like one operator in Thurston county was 6 figure losses and others who required hazardous material cleanup with room repairs These are individual operators who now have to figure out how do I recover this and I can't deal or shut off the valve of these costs because of the way the eviction moratorium works Anton says they have a couple of items working through Congress that could provide some much needed relief but they're also counting on you to keep supporting them as they work to recover A lot of big waves but nothing serious along the West Coast Saturday while our area was under a tsunami advisory after a volcanic eruption in the South Pacific Suzanne fond reports for Edmonds So far most places around Washington state have seen little to no major surge in the water This doesn't look like it's going to be a devastating impact on our coast It's not an evacuation story but it's important to be aware of what that means when the advisory comes But most people agree it's what the tsunami advisory signifies That means so much I think it's more of just How incredible the ocean is and how everything is so interconnected and how one thing that can happen thousands of miles away can definitely still have a huge impact on us over here Suzanne fallen The tsunami advisory was canceled around four 30 Saturday afternoon Washington is one of a handful of states that will fund and staff a new universal suicide hotline when it goes active across the country in July Washington's legislature passed laws to raise funds for the hotline through a telecom fee The millions it raises will go toward implementing the 9 8 8 hotline which puts people in contact with clinicians who assess them and direct them to services And Portland saw record number of homicides last year the city recorded 90 murders amid a surge in gun violence The previous high was 66 set 30 years ago the 90 homicides were more than doubled the number of slains Seattle saw in 2021 Common news time is three ten as we head over to the Beacon plumbing sports desk Matt mattson has our sports headlines Just about midway through the forty-niners in cowboys wildcard game first time those two have met in the postseason since 1995 that's the same year San Francisco one Super Bowl 29 Made out of the Buccaneers are moving on to the divisional round after topping the eagles 31 15 Tom Brady throwing two touchdowns with one going to Mike Evans and the other going to Rob Gronkowski women's college hoops huskies now in a two game skid after dropping an afternoon matchup with USC 73 76 the final elsewhere Washington state falls to UCLA 71 55 That puts the cougars at ten and 6 overall and engulf Russell Henley comes into the final round of the Sony open in Hawaii at 18 under.

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