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With the work and in the district, North Bondi see to 95 still in a crawl after the 11th Street Bridge headed all the way toward Benning Road, where there should be some cones set up. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. And to storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Rickets, No rain this work week. Oh, yeah, We're going to stay dry. And just absolutely beautiful, however is we get into the weekend We're going to be watching for remnants of what is now Tropical Storm delta. Oh, yeah, We've got tropical Storm Gamma and Tropic Storm Delta meandering the golf all week, But we could see remnants of Delta here on the East Coast by this weekend, but not until then. Until then, Plenty of sunshine is Mostly high pressure is in charge. We are looking at a breezy day today, Temperatures are going to be topping out around 70 overnight, thirties and forties with winds settling down. Lighter. Wind Tomorrow Low seventies Plenty of sun little breezy on Wednesday Wednesday near 80 degrees, with plenty of sun and then by Thursday and Friday, while plenty of Sun Temperatures are in the sixties. I'm storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets. It's looking good around town. Lots of sunshine. Clear. Blue sky. We have 66 degrees in Manassas, 67 in Annapolis and 63 right now in friendship heights, with temperatures climbing to around 70 this afternoon at 12 51. CBS News Special Report. White House Press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany says she's quarantining with Corona virus. She's the latest top.

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