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There's always a question about the kickers who's going to be the bears kicker in two thousand nineteen three on the roster. Maybe less than that, by the end of this minicamp the mandatory minicamp getting underway today. So what was going through head coach matinees my when all three kickers missed their final kick today from forty two yard. It's that's about as real, as they were over three out there and for today. That's not good. I mean, we can't have that we're we're going to figure this thing out, but over three today. Yeah, no good and a tough outcome. Indeed. And it's a main topic for us as evaluators, if they all went three for three today, we won't be talking about it, right? At the same time. What's real is they didn't. And that's why we're talking about kickers in this situation because we missed. So we gotta we gotta just keep trusting our evaluation of these three kickers. We'll continue to hear more from Nagy about the one hundred weekend and his conversation with Super Bowl bear head coach. Mike ditka. New Orleans extends Cameron Jordan Fifty-two million dollar extension. A big one for him cubs have Jose content. The Colorado tonight against twenty two year old Peter Lambert, who beat the cubs just last week Schwab Ryan, Rizzo Baya's contrast Hayward, Russell cantata the starting nine for Joe Madden tonight, you can hear it on six seventy the score. We give away tickets, courtesy of expenditure on Thursday afternoon. White Sox hose. Washington does starts no you. I'm cut in the lineup tonight left with a tight back last night. Yankees beat the Mets five Gary Sanchez twentieth Homer, or three is total domination for the US women in the World Cup thirteen nothing over Thailand biggest blowout ever. Alex Morgan a record tying five goals Sweden beat Chile zip US open tonight. Fire at Saint Louis with sports at fifteen and forty five of the home of the bears. Jeff Joni AC NewsRadio seven hundred and one zero five point. Drumming thumping fluttering.

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