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Yeah absolutely love it all right let's get to this week's quiz i lead josh by three time is running out josh that is all right you got ready go this corpse current primary logo includes their cap insignia with a baseball behind it enclosed in a circular shape is it a the nationals be the rangers c the athletics or d the padres current primary logo their cap insignia with a baseball behind it enclosed in a circular shape national rangers athletics or padres uh oh man i this one i don't have an answer right off the top of my head uh man um you know what i'm gonna go with see the athletics i believe it's the nationals you were both in collect it is the texas ranger jersey choice right there i was going to go in the rangers oh man i could have buried josh once and for all it was it was the the the the baseball behind it part that really yes oh wow that's a bomber because i was i was choosing between those two what was your second choice josh in your head my second choice was also the readers the only one that i truly eliminated right away was the padres the other three i could also i could see him all but i i could have sworn that it was the nationals yeah i put the nationals away quickly so but that's only a moral victory for me but i'm still three ad in time is running out josh your closing in on the cliff man starting to lose faith and myself your buster but got a little time left would see if i can do it.

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