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As we all know the answer to everything while everything has been this year is twenty twenty once again. Thank you to you marcus and Doug and smiling for bringing some light and anyone says, twenty twenty was completely horrible appointees album and I no, it was not completely viable because we'd go. If restrictions with dropped tomorrow realistically within three months or something like that. Do you go play stages ran the country will the The album. The road and lose. You'll make a bit in Melbourne. You'll break even in Sydney and then you got to Brisbane just so you can blow it will Bloedel Casino. We lose because people I. Love Brisbane to death that you get people saying counterparts from Princeton Kathy Brisbane to people turn up in Adelaide. Sporadically go you. The last one was pretty good on ebbs and flows. cited. There is at Adelaide's favorite son or something on should learn. which is a p his I know Adelaide very well, they should. They should of thought that this something in the water in because. People like yourself in pull Kelly and Mick paling in stars and Chisel form there, and the easy beats the same many gripe Because of the there is something water and the water years was just notorious town regroup balance of chemicals whatever happened. So order incorrect, Armin took by the Family Women Beckham at when to visit the grandparents in stuff in my life at the time, she would go to the Schulkin Bible. This was well before people would by. Betting. So bums so they gave you. Bucknell, Scenes that you feel the radiator wrapped. Reynoso wars somewhere level. So you people leave because of the woodhead we can say that about any town not the water think but in any town of this great seines everywhere we know is that it's same I'm going to be. Wonderful. Melbourne knees. I was reading the Gym KS biography yeas ago and Holy Shit. It just seems to me that is a megabits disproportionate but such a great thing that is his multiple saints has been over the whole history of top music. As we know it, the last fifty, sixty years I mean a lot of the migrants that were ten home kind of thing that came at the end I would go into that in the satellite cities Elizabeth. that these guys were hungry ending new hunger. You know I've had a wonderful weekend with don't want suits from Adelaide. Yami this story about when the ages. They would drive from ad like to signage hole, but they has station wagon and the four of them, and they had two people in the front seat driver passenger, and in the back seat was overdone, and that's where with amps were and the MC are backed in with the size of hats or just enormous improvise, and the other two members of the band would sleep on top of the giant ants joint boxes. bingles that there would be helps than notices would be touching the rubes of the car would mind it for five the house and it was time to swap. These kids are hungry. That was it be easy to me showed by the time I came up moment. Let me sign but you could get the dog and do not much. You could live on the Dole and we and then we can to get Joe. I think that's where modifies devices with guests. Lot lamented guests lot. Now that was fun Paid well, but that was fun. It was fun honored to launch about songwriting and music in general on that story than from basement discs learned I held off. So wonderful part of the education and just wonderful times when people you've said when Covid is Dan in whatever form you can do at the hands will go into some gigs. You've already gone an implied which I'm very excited about that. You have already started writing more material gain as. I said, it's just such enjoying versus to be a part of a band began to fade in the gang just makes it really easy. Did the Varga has just started? Will Roll up will do whatever it is use I on an unknown I've never given anyone I'm useful instruction ever. I don't think that's my job records. I just send the D'Amato an see the rehearsal room I don't do that I think it's way more important in much more. For them to bring themselves to the Pi non bring their on jobs in their own thing. So now that another survivors will wonderful bringing their own ideas too but it did get very had to override his diabetes should busy guy. Is In everyone's busy and on Social Justice Quiet Illinois Lamastra which Mars done to just made Italian enough third when I know the sleet another kind drink a tactic do at thanks i. Have, spoken, you will do. Once again, huge. Thanks for your time. He's just been really really look forward to seeing you again. So the last time I got to see you I think was last year The show at the caravan now asli twice as part of think of the swayed in the radio to come with the first one maybe that was back in the north noted. The last time I was at the caravan. Club. which sadly covid his taken that away from Again, a venue are you finding on the north side of town of the venues that have said right wait just won't be able to on there's. Is a few hanging on another the that we can start. Again, I'll go straight back to Monday nights at the retreat. User. So wearing communication. So as soon as possible that will happen I assume it's been a dreadful time for those on that note. Okay. So by letting the listeners out there that WanNa pick up a copy of no weapon Butler it is available on Saturday and on record. That's my preferred name for that particular topic, Plata not on cassette ability that's going to be coming back. Kasit although I would love Love. Kids died I. know the difficulty the struggles that we had to do to to operations on cassettes whenever they went on the struggle with real it was sending injury does he would add a solar rick is on cassette early A. Bit, like Daniel Johnson. Really things on it. Sounds like to. Show. People that go to band camp. That's how the CD in the record is available child's show will be happy to send out a copy of sick. Doug. Robertson dice player vocal harmonised songwriter. Will be happy to send out a copy on that notion. Thanks very much for your time. Really super appreciated. Another seeing you either at the retreat hotel when when you're allowed to do that and certainly on an ice cream hanes shadow days have been you. We can see.

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