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For Sunday, January 17th the every police department is investigating a home burglary that ended with a suspected burglar shot, detective say a homeowner shot a man he thought was a burglar around 10 o'clock last night. We're told the person who was hit that who was shot was hit, but no word on their condition. No word yet on whether that homeowner is expected to face any charges. Truck fire and a bomb scare forced the closure of a section of downtown Seattle on Saturday afternoon. The truck was parked near the FBI Seattle headquarters and the owner told police there was a bomb inside. Turns out there was no bomb. Almost Patrick Quinn reports. The owner was arrested. He said The 34 year old man has no major criminal history. He acted alone, and they're still investigating why he might have made the bomb threat outside FBI headquarters. Roll camp, acting special agent in charge of the FBI Seattle Field Office said. Right now all is calm in the state ahead of Inauguration Day. We are linked up with our local county and state partners. We are constantly Trying to gather any any inkling of a specific threat. But as of yet, right now, there is none. Seattle is secure after a scare for the police will remain on guard is the country recovers from one attack, hoping to avoid another, that's cool. Most Patrick Quinn reporting At the Seattle police officers. Gil Building There's a new 10 FT. High metal fence set up the windows of the building remain boarded after violent protests were held outside the building late last year. 20 people were arrested in those protests. All 50 state capitals are on high alert after the FBI issued a warning about potential for armed protest this weekend, just days before President elect Joe Biden's inauguration. Couple. Steve McCarron has the latest extra security clearly visible outside of our state capital in Olympia. Right now, there's an 8 ft fence around the building, National Guard members and state troopers they have teamed up to respond to any potential incidents. They're ready for any threats on the Capitol campus or anywhere else in Olympia way have enough first non hand to handle whatever's gonna happen right now. We're told there are no specific threats against the state capital. Aside from the general threat announced by the FBI this week, but there will be increased security around the Capitol building. Biden's inauguration on Wednesday. That's almost Steve McCarron reporting coma news time is 708 governor, Inslee says all eight regions of our state will stay in phase one of his healthy Washington plan until at least January 25th. But Snohomish County executive Dave Somber says If things get better in his county, he may ask to leave the Puget Sound region, which includes King Pierce and Snohomish County's. Katie Curtis with these Snohomish Health District says it makes sense to have the county's group together. A lot of our hospital systems are kind of spanning across those county borders anyways. Meanwhile, a snowman's county spokesperson says based on current projections, the county will likely run out of doses of the Corona virus vaccine before the end of next week. Harris County is working to set up three mass vaccination sites and up to eight mobile teams. The locations have not been announced, but the goal is to have them up and running by the end of January or soon. As in a vaccine is available, King County announced a similar plan for mass fascination sites. State hopes to have technical problems with the Cova 19 dashboard fixed by today, the most current data shows nearly 286,000 cases of covert 19 in our state. So far, the virus has killed more than 3900 Washingtonians. Woman whose time is now a 709 sound transit continues testing high speed trains today on the point defiance bypass for the first time since the deadly train derailment near DuPont three years ago. Three people died and dozens were hurt after the train entered a curve going too fast on the route along I five. Since then, new safety measures have it installed, including a new system to automatically slow down the train. Sound Transit says the signal test take place this weekend will have trains going up to 79 miles an hour. Plans for Seafarer are starting to come together for this summer, including the return of the U. S. Navy Blue Angels. Blue Angel. Number seven, Lieutenant Julius Bratton says they're anxious to show off their new Boeing F 18 Super Hornet. The Super Hornet has about £42,000 of thrust and full afterburner. Where's the legacy corner that we previously flu had about £32,000 of thrust with that comes a little bit more maneuverability when the aircraft is flown a slower air speeds. Tell the brand says they're also bigger and louder. See, fair weekend is August 6 to the eighth and tickets are now on sale. Woman whose time is now 7 10. Time to check the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. Here's Joel Stearns Pauley Pavilion, the Bruins hold off the Huskies 81 76. Washington leads by as many as 12 in the first half and come within three with 23 seconds left. They've now lost eight straight, which ties for the third longest losing streak in school history. The Cougars lose the USC 85 77 Isaac Ponton scores 27. The crews are at home against Utah on Thursday. Top rankings AGA Overseen Mary 73 59, the Bulldogs improved to 14 and Oh Southern Utah defeats Eastern Washington. 99 94 James Harden scores 32 to go along with 12 rebounds with 14 Assistance Brooklyn debut As the Nets beat the Magic 1 22 1 15. The Bills advanced to the A F C championship game, defeating the Ravens 17 3. The Packers reached the NFC title game with a 32 18 win over the Rams. Today will be Cleveland at Kansas City, followed by New Orleans hosting Tampa Bay. Cho most sports attendant 40 past the hour. I'm Jules, Turn a check on traffic and weather coming out the three minutes come on, Whose time is 7 11 Make.

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