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Look outstanding throughout training camp and the preseason and know what tj walk into the inside linebackers steals are greatly improved in the middle of their defense. What was probably the weakest point for the steelers. All of last season that inside linebackers against the buffalo bills. When i believe is ulysses gilbert the third marcus allen where the steeler starters In in the middle of the defense there and the bills really pick them apart now. The steelers have devon bushing. Joe schubert starting off this game. This is going to be an entirely different over the middle much. Better group The steelers have in this game. Then they did a year ago against buffalo. Of course the cornerback spot. The brand new corner kilo witherspoon. Not sure if he's going to start right away on the edge or how the steelers plan on kind of rotating it but factor matters. Joe haines going to be in the lineup Witherspoon of course is now on the team. James peers healthy cam. Sutton steals have got some guys at corner. Are they as good as last year. Oh of course not. They lost even nelson and mike hilton but still got some dudes at the corner spot and then it safety. Mika fitzpatrick trail admins. And then they're backed up by what carl joseph now. Which is a definite upgrade over. Sean davis and that's kind of reserve type role and then trae norwood behind of its patrick. Which i guess jordan dangerfield would have been his backup so the steelers are definitely looking good especially depth twice on the defensive side of the football so not only. Is this team better coach. But i honestly believe they have better talent. So i'm i'm pretty darn excited for this for this game for those two reasons alone and we'll break things down a little bit further in the second half of the show and try to look at the other side of the coin but for right now the pittsburgh steelers your training in a very nice direction as they prep for the game. The buffalo bills more live mike action will.

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