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Kfi northern colorado's voice as we are an affiliate of the denver broncos carrying all preseason including this saturday's and regular season games on both frequencies. But if you are headed on down to denver well some things that you need to know now. The broncos welcomed the la rams on saturday with a full crowd of seventy six thousand one hundred and twenty five. I don't think there's going to be an empty seats in the proverbial house. Only a few thousand fans were allowed for some games last season. As you're well aware the broncos rams kick off at seven pm in that preseason finale all right let's get down to brass tacks now. Consistent with local guidelines the broncos said there are no restrictions at empower field at mile high for fans who are vaccinated if you're unvaccinated yours strongly encouraged to wear that mask of chaim where face covering so everyone will know that you're not vaccinated. Where a face covering to protect themselves and others are all right. Let's not get it all twisted here. The you know. I was talking with a bill yesterday and i it kind of feels like the truman show doesn't it did you ever see the truman show with jim carey and he realizes that Basically he is living in a big reality show at the end of the movie that his life and everything that happens in it has been predetermined by some unknown all seeing hand. The end that Well everything is scripted. To some extent as we're working our way through this delta variant and as we're seeing the crackdowns and the mandates and requirements starting to crop up again and again a not undermining the dangers of covert nineteen. What i am questioning this kind of patchwork approach from the government in terms of maintaining total absolute power and control. But i thought it was a really good comparison. The truman show as to what we're going through as we're apparently going through round to around three or whatever. The case may be of those cove in one thousand nine hundred guidelines and restrictions that are being enforced by the all-knowing all-seeing government that unfortunately seems to have a propensity to talk out of both sides of his out their mouths protectively when it comes to our epidemiologist in chief. Ooh not making the biden administration. Happy whatsoever saying well. It could be another year before we're fully out of this but it's all subject to change. I get it the science changes and they maintain their following the science. But what science. Indeed are they following and again what they seem to be doing in some ways is dividing us even further no dividing us on racial fronts. Not enough but now they are building this division this chasm between those who wear a mask and those who don't wear them ask those who are vaccinated those who are unvaccinated. I mean not that. I follow jennifer aniston very closely whatsoever and i could really care less what it is that she does..

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