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Keep trash-talk, awesome. All right, well, speaking of some help addy is the only one going to school in person. I think that she's only one going to school in person cuz she's the only one that wants to go to school. Okay. But she's also the only one they don't want in the house cuz she's annoying, he's really annoying. So now the twins got in a brawl the night before I couldn't really understand Thomas. Okay. All right. So basically I think that maybe Ali had a video. So curly had a video of herself dancing on her phone and she didn't want straight to look at it because she's embarrassed. Oh, they were like just fighting over that. I thought Straight had a video of curly dancing. Baby was dead. Making fun. Maybe. Okay. Well, regardless there was a video of Dan there was a? Yeah. So now I don't know if we've ever met Lee has six year old friend, Kathy. Okay. I was like is this Jeremy's mom? Who this is the babysitter. Yeah. Right. It's the babysitter but they can't say that. Why can't? Why is this show so against having a baby? So I don't know. It's so why don't we try this, right? Cuz we know that some friends, it's her six-year-old friend right in the town has he's coming over my friend. Kathy. All right, so now wage like how she talks to Cathy and she's like, yeah. Ali and Aleeah, it's like, who write Street and pearl. Why are we naming our kids? The same thing. Thank you Tracy. Why? Also I love how she make sure that straight Ally knows that she can't share because of curly Ally. But why does she do this? She does this, but then it's like, so at ease allowed to go to school, right? But I'm not allowed to go to cheer but but that's what. Does it make sense to me? I don't get that. So then Leah's is a lot of fake crying in these. Confessionals. Yes, she does. And it's like, girl, come on. I know Chicago has a remote doctor's appointment. She puts on her cat ears. Love. This is the same doctor, you know, doctor to Sal. He's so nice. Um, why does Leah talk to her like she's five years old? She Leah talks to her children like no offense by this, like they're dumb things. Curly have a doctor's appointment, do you know who you're going to see on the home screen? Going to see ducted? So do you know what it's about? Like she talks like like she's a puppy like early. Like her. Kids are puppies, right? So they oh, you want your daddy to join office? Okay, let me. Exactly. Dude said he's going to come home now. Would be like, Mom, I'm going to punch you in the I know and she's like, are you going to tell? Doctors, tell you have your wheelchair here. She's like, well, I mean I don't cuz it's my dad's, right? And she said, Yeah, it's a stupid. All right. So now Doctor Sal has great news. They've done a lot of research..

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