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It's the fine. Did it? Do. Do. Dude. Did it? I did it. Doodoo? Are you even listening? I'd turn you turn me off termi down. Yes. He can turn on the ball in your God. Anyways. Welcome back. We're on the final segment here. We have some bits and pieces. Oh, actually this morning on good Morning, America. Ruben fosters ex-girlfriend. Spoke about just the incident that happened in Florida where he allegedly abused her. As an heard thoughts and her thoughts about him being signed by the Redskins days after his arrest. She was quote shocked when she found out and the fact remains like the story goes it's kind of interesting to say, the least she says that like they she paid her worry paid for flight to come to a top with the relationship or something. But he was seeing somebody else already, and he was she was going to say, I'm gonna call your girlfriend right now. And see if she's okay with this. I don't understand why she kinda threatened him feels like a little bit. And then supposedly this is all alleged people. He took the phone out of Ryan and slapped her in the face and pushed her down, and she had pictures of the bruises as well. That was on good Morning America. But it's still a big question. Mark of what really went down and how this all trans. Spiraled. What are your thoughts on this? Bark. Where do we begin my thoughts on on her on Reuben foster on the Redskins on this whole just on like, what her story says do you like do you think it's true? Do you think I feel like her and Reuben foster or to people who have a very complicated relationship? They put it. Let's start off there. I think that there's definitely been some abuse. And some regard here, I don't know if it's all been physical verbal, I think it's gone both ways. I'd be surprised if it didn't if it was only one sided, but it seems like this volatile relationship has spilled over a few times. Now, this particular incident. Reuben foster getting arrested in the hotel her saying, the forty Niners to like, intervene and all that and telling police that she had accused him of this before and then recanted. And all that I don't know what to make of it. Honestly, a lot of me thinks that what she's saying is legit. But also, she's speaking from somebody who maybe, you know, hurt physically emotionally. So it's hard to kind of get in there. I wasn't there. It's hard to determine what's fact what's fiction her going on good Morning, America. I think is a terrible look for the NFL and think it's a terrible look for the Redskins. And I think we're looking at someone who now is going to be at war with Reuben foster in the NFL. I think that this situation can no longer be avoided, and she won't be recanting any statements this time. So I think that this. It's like, she does some credibility goes, right? Like makes this even a worse situation to be honest. And it's just pictures of the forty Niners trying to stop the arrest actually say that I don't know. I don't know. There's just to stop the arrest is a strong thing. Cues a team of. But I just think overall that. It's really hard to believe what the true story here because both have like even both sides of the story. We we I can't trust either side to be completely honest with you because like she were candidate story before and he has just been arrested multiple times in his in Hinz his past and somehow to be at least true, right? And it just feels like that this all seems to be very complicated. Like, you said and just puts really black eye on the NFL, mainly honestly and all things considered because how many times have we seen this happen where player gets arrested for domestic violence and his punishment, quote unquote is being released and then signed to a contract the next day..

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