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And that's existed for for decades. I think that kind of percentage if you will. The consumers is growing I think the number of people care about these issues is growing But I actually think it's really fascinating. Is that in some instances. We're seeing technologies. We're seeing products that maybe simply deliver value in the kind of traditional ways you would expect outfit's an automobile good driving handling maybe lower cost efficient and on those merits alone the green choice the quote unquote green choice can start to win and I think for a lot of businesses who care about sustainability care about the environment you know being able to generate and understand those opportunities is really powerful because then you're not just simply relying on the kind of goodwill of customers to buy green but you're actually creating new products or is that on one hand address some of our sustainability challenges but on the other hand or highly desirable marketplace. You told me during our pre interview that you really heated up the writing of this book during the Most recent recession. Yeah you know I think one of the evolution and I own thinking if I had done a lot of work on kind of large corporation but they have Done or not done restart to environmental issues and I think a big change in my own mindset was getting back to this idea of the change needed within different technologies and different industries and definitely in the wake of kind of the two thousand eight financial crisis and recession was thinking that you know when we have disruptive change it's often newer companies entrepreneurs and the like enter markets and transform them so it might not be about getting oil and gas companies to become sustainable adopt renewable energy more likely from what we know from the economic is. You're GONNA have displacement. You're going to have companies going out of business while do what's rise up to replace them with again. Hopefully more sustainable technology this is. I guess it would be the. What would you call it? The top five tips for for dummies. It's like the books for Dummies What would be if you were going to give our listeners? You know three or five tips of something that they should be doing differently. So that can save the Earth. What would those things be is just a consumer is just the consumer well I've just done a series of reports where you've been looking at this again. Potential to decarbonised different Sectors one of the most challenging one is agriculture And in particular one of the most challenging pieces of agriculture is actually And so I think number one thing you could probably do it or consume less be because it is a significant greenhouse gas emission from cows from cattle And that in itself could I think have a huge impact and be and be one. That's otherwise very difficult Difficult to address and we did see like beef. Consumption has gone down I think in the last year so as veganism eating plant paces kinda taking off I I eat mostly that way. So it's great to hear that's being confirmed by the business people she was. You know the real concern is how do you do that? On a on. A local basis growing population and the storage safely as countries become a more advanced in their economies They also tend to you. Know demand more protein rich diet and so while there might be pockets in the United States that are consuming less teeth. You Know How do you do that on? A on a global scale especially in places like China or Africa and other kind of growing a growing areas. Okay so that was one. I think I think the other kind of interesting thing that's happening. I think have a lot of potential this. We look at to other sectors transportation and energy. There is a a take maybe a vision. That's starting to be realized where one could imagine Having almost more self sufficiency in terms of your energy usage in which if you're you know Fortunate enough to be in position where you could put solar panels on your home having an electric vehicle in the garage. Habit battery storage In that garage as well and then be able to trade those electrons on a smart grid with your local utility a lot of the technologies that just named become much more economically attractive for individual consumer As they as you kind of bundle them together. So it's it's not necessarily what an individual can do In of themselves. But as you kind of see these new technologies start to reverse the leveraging of smart technology in the home for Chrissy energy efficiency all of those together really a lot of promise here To kind of reduce your your own personal carbon footprint so Michael. How can our listeners learn more about you and your book so You know encourage you to look up my work Either at my My website I want not Michael Lennox Dot Com which talks about my book and some of my other work as well I have a series of reports that we just did on business innovation climate change again that looks at the possibilities of different sectors decarbonising And I'm actually working on a follow up book looking very specifically at climate change again this possibility of decarbonising by twenty fifty great well We are going to post on our instagram page. Information on how you can win a copy of the book so Go to our instagram. Page and follow the instructions and Maybe you'll be one of the lucky people who can Read the book But if somebody doesn't win Can they purchase the book Absolutely book on yeah through Amazon or through Stanford University press or any number of outlets avail. Well thank you Michael. We really appreciate the time he spent with us today. Thank you for the opportunity So I am really excited for taking care and community this nomination this week because this is an organization. That's near and dear to my heart in that My son Ethan was part of at Your School A. Y. S. services When he was in elementary school and the nomination is for crystal Stroman. Who is the CEO of at your school or as many of us know A yes and crystal is somebody. She's just I don't really know her but she's somebody that I've worked in and around and is greatly respected For the work that she does. I was excited to see the nomination. But do you know about a i? They provide before and after school. Care right -actly at there at the school which is really nice so The the the organization provides before and after school program for children of three thousand working families throughout central. And that's really the great thing is is that it's at your school. So when you're mixing simple little teeny weeny. Little Kid is done with Their School Day. They can you know. Walk down the hall and go to the gym and play and Get some homework support and be in a safe environment so that they don't have to go home by themselves. Great and thanks to National Bank of Nepal's for letting US provide this Public Service announcement to our listeners. Let's give a big thank you to our sound engineer. Matsui and are taking care and community sponsor National Bank of Indianapolis if you'd like to nominate someone or an organization for a future episode. You can visit our website taking here in business dot com. Don't forget to subscribe. Follow our download taking care of business wherever you get our podcast. If you love taking care of business give us a five star rating and leave a review or share this episode on your social media. We are on instagram twitter and facebook at taking care in Biz B. I Z. If you have questions or comments you can also email us at info at taking care. In BUSINESS DOT com. Thank you for joining us today. 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