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Later on Michael Bauer joins us. A Facebook is demanding some users hand over their password and varsity blues what happened in the courtroom yesterday bills Zimper was there. He will tell us. Brian writes Lee yesterday, you were talking to a man by the name of Greene who says he wants to be our next. Congressman we fired Steve Russell because he followed the establishment chain of command and represented old guard Republicans like Paul Ryan instead of his Oklahoma constituents. The problem with retired military is that they follow the chain of command will this guy represent Oklahoma's or like congressman Cole who represents DC. Thank you. And that's from Brian. Well, let me see here. There's a lot of questions to get to first of all the green was on. Because he is a he used to be I gathered he said he used to fly. Hey wax. He means he was a pilot. I gather it means he was a pilot. He's the first that I know of to officially announce his candidacy is running on the Republican side because let's face it. So Kendra horn is definitely that's my thing. Brian, okay. Now, let's start with your first premise, Brian that we fired Steve Russell because he followed the establishment chain of command. We did not fire. Steve Russell because of his establishment of the chain of command. That's not why he lost the election. He lost the election because Kendra horn, very skillfully and very gorilla. Like, I might and was able to get people in precincts that normally didn't vote to vote and not wanting to vote but the vote for her. And it's because she made it easy on them. She basically sent them an application for an absentee ballot here fill this out. You won't even have to go to the polls. And I keep bringing this up because I want people like you Brian to understand this is going to be the future. The future of voting will not be going to stand in line at a polling place having to deal with people who get your name wrong, or or what whatever it's going to be you get your ballot way ahead of time. You spend time looking over the issues, you research the issues, and then you either fill out the ballot and mail it back in or you fill it back and scan it back in or you fill it out, and you and you click send and it automatically counts. It's coming. There's just no doubt about it. So there's going to be a different means by which candidates approach you to vote for them. Voting right now. And in most cases is a memory game. It is a top of the mind awareness game. When you go into the ballot the vote that the guy who wants you to vote for him or the girl who wants to vote for them wants you to remember their name because a picture cannot be on the ballot just to name. So they want you to remember who they are Kendra horn got a whole group of people to remember who she was because not only did she send them. Hey, I'm Kendra horn. And I wanna be your next congressman right below. That was a fill this out and you'll get your ballot. And she went to nursing homes, and she went to neighborhoods that felt disenfranchised and she was able to get more absentee and more early votes than Steve Russell Steve Russell fail to get those votes. I guess an argument could be made. But I don't think Steve Russell's loss was a failure of policy. It was a failure of strategy. So I disagree with that. The next thing you assert is that retired military follow a chain of command. No, that's not what Steve Russell did. Now. Steve Russell did some specific things that you disagree with. We can argue those out. But right now, I would much rather have Steve Russell back in then Kendra horn who is anti-gun thinks that the government should provide you with healthcare thinks that's you have a right to health care. And and seems to think that the government is not here to ensure that your rights are not violated. But that the government is here to provide for you like many in her party do. I don't think that maybe you do Brian. I don't know. But thanks for your response on Facebook on NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. Gonna hear from Emily and Jacqueline as well. And it looks like a deal was reached today when it comes to this opioid case. I'll tell you what.

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