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I i remember it like it was yesterday it was on my tenth birthday september nineteenth nineteen sixty eight tigers in the yankees my dad took me to the game because he wanted me to see my favorite player mickey mantle wow and so i got to watch the game and sure enough he hit a rocket into the right field upper deck and you know what i came to find out later is of daniel mclean who was pitching in jim pricey was catching they went out to the mind and say should we serve him up and like yeah let's do it so price went back behind the plate and told mickey while he was you know just tapping the plate and stuff like we're going to serve you up buddy where do you want it and he says up and tight and you know a couple of pitchers later co boom there it went i just i will never forget that day that's so cool well magical because he made a spectacular catch you know like over his head you know running towards the warning track and to see that rocket arm you know throw it back in to enfield and it just all all i was just in awe all i could see that number seven running around that field and he's just i stared at him the whole time i when he was in the outfield i was in like upper deck left field and i just stared at him the whole time it's just neat though when you're a kid going to ballpark and you see someone that is larger than life and you're exactly right you just sit there the first time when you see them you go wow i'm watching this guy play the biggest deal in the world nomad and i could not wait for him to come up to it that you know just like this i you know i can still named every tiger on the sixty eight team but still making mantle is i mean i have i'm sitting out here in my man right now and i got pictures of mickey mantle all over the place.

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