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So you've been fans and you've been on Broadway? Yeah, man. I've been my wife accident. I was doing Broadway. I was out there in New York, and you know it's cool at the same dance act and do all that. And then about eight years ago we met, you know, cut to we married now with a couple of kids guess so it's it's been. It's been great. So you know, I try to because I was a kid. I've been in this house like ten years old to over thirty years, you know, and we're the same Ariza and everything. So it's, you know, it's very difficult. That's why I got mad respect for you to cause making those transitions after so many different types of errors. Right? Are very difficult, but you keep reinventing yourself, keep doing different things and you know that's what that's what I try to do because there are no rules really an entertainment. Right? So. You've been from television shows to hosting, shows live performances to movies to to every element. So what element is it that you love the most? You know, I do. I like off Ormes entertainment. I got. I like to get a chance to perform and I did some at the Hollywood bowl recently another another play and just like this Christmas movie. But I gotta be honest. I love being host the most because I, it's just come more natural, whether I'm hosting, like, you know, got massage on my house. I think if you just like people you just like to talk, then you're, you're always kind of a host. So you know, there's no clue thing. Then I think we just get to be yourself and hang out and get to talk to people. That's why like doing my show extra so much because I'm ten years in and I get to talk to like the most fascinating people in TV film music. You know, sometimes it goes into sports and politics and all that. So and I'm genuinely like inquisitive. So doing that, what am I director on the show? He's a real big fan of yours. He, what did you want to do? And I wouldn't ask them all. I. He wanted you to reenact one of the scenes. He wanted me to rock my all school mog. 'cause I used to have kind of like a Jerry. Type back in the day, wasn't it. Right. Era. That's why he wanted to see his. I still have my hair. I appreciate it. Thank you. Yes. Is there is particular actor actress that you interview that shock you that they knew you was? Well, yeah, I'll Pacino like knew who I was. Hawaiian right. Tony moments of. Understand that we still have their spirit in us when we meet certain people and they know who we are. It blows our mind. I'm pretty sure like you meeting all these great actors and actresses so Pacino knowing you had to be like a trip me out. Face movie. Yeah, exactly. So, yeah, there's always those pinch me moments which is kinda cool, you know, as fly. Yeah. Yeah, wasn't colors. You know? How does that movie that movie that movie right there was one of the greatest upon steel is still owes up that movies does do. Picture, but I. Supposed to be Philippe is as we Philippa, but I was too tall for Trinidad. Silvis always Philippe is friend. Thought was getting completely entity, but I still made it. So I was like walking down when I was with the twenty first street. So yeah, I remember twenty first street and then with frog with frog and I was do with the little talk can and I have forgot what I gang leader delete. It was. They had a couple of brothers in there which was tight down the white dude Mallika. Yeah, the Weddell he was tight. The Oji miekel. From blood in blood. That was Sean Penn and Dennis. Yeah, Robert Duvall Damon wayans was in that movie. To m night mail..

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