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I did not make any trips to the biloxi marsh but this week the trips that i had we stayed in by ub avenue area which has been my well well this week just because of the winds and you know the clientele that i had still a lot of bass being caught down by the new area came across a few speckled trout some black girl made a show and we had some live bait to fish with them some live shrimp and redfish caught a couple of red fish is well on each trip doesn't seem to be a real pattern it's it's just like bass fishing while you're using your trolling motor and easing down the shoreline of the by you you might find them at points or you might find him at the intersection of another by small tanaz something like that when you do find some then obviously you wanna duplicate that same sort of scenario in a different area of that by you you know mike it's funny how people measure that success of their trips by what they catch and sometimes by what they ex their expectation is and for right now if i were going out this weekend i would say my expectation is to get out and enjoy this nice springtime weather and do just what you did maybe try to put together a mixed bag pick up a trout or to hear some red fish black drama for sheep et bites my cookies coming along for the ride to at the end of the day you had a great day but it's all in the expectations if you go out there today and you say i want to get twenty five trout per person and we're gonna nail 'em you probably going to go with your feelings hurt i have those type conversations very often with new clients that call on the phone and i simply tell them that in march if i can catch twenty trout it's a great day but in may if i only catch twenty trout it's a bad day and you're only sixty to ninety days apart from march to me so it's just the season plays a big role in in the productivity of what you checked.

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