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What's the old saying? Close but no cigar. That kind of sums up the night for Joey Gallo in Denver. Participating in the home run Derby. Good morning from our Mercedes Benz of play, No sports system. See Lamb. This is Gallo was starting to get a swing down on some of the pictures from the Rangers third base coach Tony Beasley. The clock ran out in his first round matchup against the Rockies. Trevor story. Story had hit 20 home runs. Gallo had 19 but again that clock went went off and he couldn't get another one looked like he was gonna at least tie it up came up wanting or short. He ended up with With the title going to the same guy who won it last year. The New York Mets Pete Alonzo, This is one event. I still enjoy watching on TV. There's no politics just a handful of guys who can hit the baseball a long, long way. In fact, one of gallows Moonshots When 494 ft in that thin air in the mile High City Tonight, it's the All Star Game. Gallo, representing the American League for the Rangers, along with the dollies, Garcia. And Kyle Gibson. Maybe one day we'll see Jack leader playing in this game lighter, the second overall pick in the amateur draft on Sunday night. Where when the cameras showed his reaction with his family. There He was standing with a Texas Rangers jersey and Hat on How did he know the Rangers are going to select him? Mm. He didn't know. He didn't He thought he would be a top 10 pick. So when the cameras get to him, he's already got his Texas Rangers jersey and hat on He laughed and totally ESPN that he bought 10 jerseys and pin hats from 10 different team so he would be ready. How about that? He spent $1500 my lord, Because if you go out and buy right now on MLB dot com a jury will Jersey will cost you without your name 114 bucks. That's our 40 bucks. Uh, So But A bunch of money. A lot of money. Yeah. Wait a second, uh, Jack's going to sign about, they say 8 to 10 million, so So he probably should be okay. I I think he'll be you think you put it on his credit card? That's genius that he bought the 10 different jersey. So I guess he tries. What do you ship them back or I try to return them. Yeah, I I know you would do that. Yeah, I would. Yeah, I would say you're returning or donating. Maybe Who would be a good thing to do. That would be the thing somewhere. Somewhere around the world will be 10 kids in a third World Cup country wearing brand new MLB gear wearing buffalo bills, Super Bowl shirt, but he he won't even He won't even get to Where the real thing For what 345 years. I don't know they're talking about starting to sending them to double aid by the end of the year, aren't they? Steve? Yeah, that was one of the things that saw that he might be in the double a liner. He's got the stuff, man. Yeah. By the way, did you shouldn't him to Arlington? Look at the Yeah. Uh yeah. Just throw them into the fire. Why not? While they tried that 1 55 come on. Was David Clyde. Yeah, they tried that once and Here, By the way, Steve O tonight, nearing the All Star game. The Republican National Convention will be running an ad. They'll be running a TV ad. That claims political figures and corporations lied about Georgia's new voting law. Which led the MLB to move the game from Atlanta. Denver. Good call. Yeah, so they're going to be running that ad. If you remember Joe Biden, like in the law to Jim Crow laws. But the RNC is spending 67 figures. How in this ad by I'm going to say something You're not gonna like. Oh, I don't want to see it. You don't want to see baseball game. I don't waste ballgame. I don't wanna see politics in baseball, but politics moved. What Politics move right reform to political game That was the Washington The Washington Post gave Joe Biden four Pinocchios. For saying that the law he was describing the law and the things that he said about it relies. The Washington Post. I pointed that out. It's if I sit down. And I'm watching it. TCU football game one. I'll just say what I'm nearest and dearest for And all of a sudden political at any party. Anyone comes up. I just I don't see it. I want to. This is my release. This is a sport. That's that's That's all I'm saying. Yeah, but you're gonna catch yourself in the crosshairs here. Oh, I know I am. I'm no no, no, not not with the listeners, but your grandson is gonna go Baba. Let's watch the Rangers players tonight in the All Star game, and I sit down to the heartbeat and watch it with him. And and then that ad comes on. What are you gonna do? But he's going to go get Hudson and Harper a beer? Yeah. Alright, baby. You know what you should do happen. We go in with a different attitude. Go go with a positive attitude. Okay. What? It's sleep. That had, uh huh. Treat that add, uh, like the TCU band when they come out at halftime for you. Yeah, Exactly. So when that ad hits just just just watch that ad and traffic.

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