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For the small businesses that the company was targetting and that unless a business needed all the features that were offered in the suite it would make more sense to stick with smaller software packages like quick books so essentially what scene that was saying was sure if you need all these features than maybe ninety nine dollars a month makes sense but if all you're looking for is the accounting side than just go out and get accounting software don't bother with going with the sweet approach the review also criticized the speed of the applications saying that desktop based software was generally faster not a big surprise that a webbased offering was slower than a desktop one especially when you start considering things like internet speed and and bandwidth and things of that nature so seen that gave the product seven out of ten so it wasn't exactly a disastrous review but it didn't really do net ledger any favors in those early days but the team kept working on improving features and later review us were a little more positive the handled log going against them at that time the cloud computing business strategy was largely unproven and to make matters worse they launched right at the very beginning of the period we call the dot com crash in which multiple web based startups had launched an invisible away mostly after failing to prove they can operate as a revenue generating business in other words that they could actually make a profit there were so many startups that people were excited about in those early days that had not a come up with an effective business plan the hand big ideas of what they wanted to do but they didn't really have a way of managing it and certainly not growing and scaling the business in a way that was man that was sustainable and so as a result you had a lot of these companies flash on the scene get a huge amount of investment money poured into them burn through that investment money in ridiculous amounts of time.

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