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Welcome back to clockwise tech podcast that seconds, the motion. I'm your co host Dan Moore and and I am joy to cross this internet of hours by my good friend and co host Mr. mica sergeant I doing mica, your honor, I object. Sustained, I guess we can. I guess we can go with that very well in the south. Apparently, this is of course the show where we discuss four TEP tech topics with two fantastic guests to my left this week. My former colleague from MacWorld any senior editor at the wire cutter Mr.. Dan Frakes is here Dan, how you doing. Hello. Good to be here. Thank you. Happy to have you and to my left is senior cloud developer advocate at Microsoft. I was gonna say Microsoft, and that's because I was reading Chris cream. I love this, Chris, Crema warrant on Twitter. It is Christina Warren. Hello. Hello. So happy to have you back. It's been a while it has and I'm glad to be back on. We're glad to have you back four. These amazing topics which will kick off now. So starting things off, I'm I, this little annoyance with the way that Apple's calendar app handles having the same event on multiple calendars. It's got like rather than collapsing into one event like some third party calendars do. It has like gives me three copies of the same event and it's just annoying and I wish they would fix it. It's not enough to quite drive me away from this off wear, but I'm kind of curious if you guys have a tech nitpick with product that you otherwise really like something that just like it's tiny little crazy, but not enough to make you abandoned that product. Dan. Still trying to figure out why you have multiple Kaunda's. Sorry, wait their shared calendars, like my fiance, and I have a calendar and then I have calendars. They're part of larger groups and sometimes want to block out and have that calendar event so that like multiple different people know I've occupied during the time. So, yeah. There you go. There experts. Thank you know with the life. I'm gonna talk about Tibo and that is because I still, I I know I'm like a dying breed here, but I'm still a huge Tibo fan too. So it's, I mean, I've tried like, you know, the Comcast DVR the AT DVR. Tvos still, but to me is like the by far the best thing, but. Early this year, they updated their interface and it just like ruining Tibo for me. It's like everything that Tiba was was great about it was that it was kind of like old school and it was super simple and easy to use, and they're like, let's put menus and pictures everywhere and make it as hard as Basel for you to watch the shows you wanna watch. And so I've actually got like we have multiple tvos in the house, and I've walled off in like the secure enclave every tvos that hasn't been updated yet. So it never gets updated. It's not enough to make me stop using it, but man is it bad. Okay. So for me, I think that this might not quite fit spirit of of the law as we definitely having very law themed episode. It seems, but the thing that I'm going to complain about, it's kind of a beggars. Can't be choosers situation. But here I was big ING for them for them being apple to bring home to the MAC so that I could control my home kit gadgets on my MAC and you seri- on the MAC to do so, but what's missing and what doesn't make sense to me for not being included is a today, which it I think it would be nice because I do actually use that bar that you know the bar that slides out of the side of your screen that has notifications and the today, which it's us those things and use them pretty regularly. And so to be really nice if within that today bar, I could have just a little widget that has like my most popular. Scenes, which is a kin to what you get in control center on IOS. You can swipe down from the right side of your phone. You can force are three d. touch and then the different home options, your favorite scenes and.

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