United States, China, Denuclearization discussed on PolicyCast - 168 The North Korean Strategy


You're going to see the incentivize ation of smugglers and that's another area that we have to factor in it's not just a function of this binary you implement sanctions and that's it sure one thing that has been raised as a possibility is from the united states side is putting some kind of secondary sanction on china chinese businesses that do have relationships with north korean exports are in some way would that be a productive step do you think from at least a us perspective well the hope very much that secondary sanctions will be something of the peace of the policy purchase dealing with china that would unleash the full cooperation of the chinese side in applying pressure in economic and political pressure on the north korean regime to come back to denuclearization but if you look at some of the notions of the power politics involved is well colleagues who focus very closely on china basically view secondary sanctions as an effort to apply foreign laws inside of chinese jurisdictions ties interpretation of that is a violation of their sovereignty so as much as eur targeting the problem in the headache that his north korean the nuclear weapons development side you encounter in your triggering other issues uh so if we do go down this path of full application of secondary sanctions on large chinese banks said of international dealings where it will have an impact uh the reprecussions in what could come after that is another area that we have to look at closely the notion of how the chinese may respond this is an area that if if it is in fact the targeting of the large chinese banks and companies we should anticipate a reaction from the chinese side on preparations in terms of not being caught offguard.

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