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Minutes 0 eighteen metal bring anybody on for eighteen minutes while numbering on jimmy i was eltingh 20th last time i only bring jimmy over sixteen than i get i get you a ratings and odom of jimmy's on some type of well you bring your guitar on next on your here now thrown at this time i'll come back and play bill christmas song for you you will do it next to her absolutely terry i expect to be paid a little more than one i'm getting right now you're not get you got a cup of coffee today three merry christmas everyone merry christmas buddy terry bradshaw the 22nd father figures in theaters terry bradshaw part of it it's third this is the hers wherever you may be and however you may be listening to live in los angeles iheartradio fox sports radio ff one christine lay he is joining me for our number two today former patriot3 super bowl ring charlie weis joined just about five or six minutes it was it was an ugly ugly ugly game uh it was the forty four worst game for a quarterback though this year in the nfl so it was bad through brady but it was only the forty four worst quarterback game in the nfl actually cam newton has three game this year with a lower quarterback rating than brady had last night by brady standards it was awful by anybody else's standard it was there was just an off night art we do it every week on tuesday this is the toughest one i've ever had my heard hierarchy i spent a lot of time on this i care about it i take it seriously the ten best teams in the nfl and here we go.

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