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Until the results are out, and they can trace those results from the center here all the way back to every individual polling station where the results were supposed to have been posted outside the front door of those polling stations. And how significant is it that Zanu PF has a two-thirds majority in parliament. Well, again on that, there's some concern from the MDC about individual cases of fall, but the general feeling there is that Zahn has benefited from the constituency level, particularly in rural areas. Whereas the MDC it's vote mostly in urban areas with fewer constituencies. It's likely that the MDC will appeal some seats. But the problem for the MDC is that it's an alliance and it's a split alliance in many ways. And a lot of independent candidates who were frustrated with that alliance appear to have split the vote for the opposition Andrew Harding in Harari. And after I spoke to him police in the capital fired water cannon and tear gas at stunned. Rang opposition supporters president Manggagawa appealed for calm. And the electoral commission has said it won't announce the result of the presidential election until at least Thursday because of allegations of fraud after decade behind bars in the Hague, the format militia. Leader and vice president of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Jon Pierre Bemba has returned home to a hero's welcome. He was freed after being acquitted of war crimes by the international criminal court. Mr. Bemba has said he will contest the presidential election in Congo g to take place in December after twice, being postponed by President. Joseph Kabila and soy spokes me from confessor very excited crowds in. We've been driving for like half an hour from the airport after while they wouldn't allow his convoy to pass from the airport, and he's relishing that moment. He's been ultra for twelve years and coming up to such a rousing, welcome, apple, any politician would be exciting. He has declared that he wants to run for president. The government here has allowed him to come back. Bake is not clear if he will be allowed to run for president as smart of their ruling coalition has said that because of his conviction at the international criminal court on a charge of witness, bribery. He may not those. Do not allow convicts of corruption to run for president. And I imagine this quite a little security on the streets full. This return. Was that huge security presence from very early in the morning. From the capital all the way to the airport and especially within the airport. But we have seen that the police except to that are escorting him now, and he's convoy is moving very slowly surrounded by Hinode towards his home in the capital. Apart from that small presence of police around him at the rest have have moved away. Now the crowds have taken over all sides of the road that leads to the capitol, and we know what he's planning to do for the rest of the day. Well, he will go to his home, which I understand is not too far from the president's home going to the conflict charge for mouth. And then the next week is going to be very busy for gen Pierre member. He and he's not must decide who they're going to nominate for president. He is ready to support any other position candidates. One of the opposition leaders is expected back in the country is not clear whether the government to allow. Him, but so they have to make compromises. They have to make tough musicians over the next one week. They need to present the names by Wednesday of next week to electric commission. So turbulence time over the next few days for Congo and then whoever stands likely to be a tense election in December. That's right..

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