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And that he or she added lives and that the amendment federal law flour mills they say shattered wife jared later on the real house but it but yeah so he added in any inside with rob border right and just like he's an amazing guy and you know you've got to believe you know he denies it so i feel bad for him you were ruining live cement the lives of rob like people i rob porter an roy more like so than the white house was sticking to this line like we didn't know until yesterday and then he's gone right and then christopher ray the head of the fbi came out and said uh actually they totally new in july in july of the the in in syria syria and in the white house can records another also what happened was they told this one random office within the white house what we'd it no so the white house new but the white house did renault but here's the problem this new maybe there's an inherent problem here and it's the same problem that the james bond franchise suffers from like you see the first movie like oh my god davila is called dr know any lives in an underground lair in the caribbean and he has like a nuclear weapon that like destroy the world and like by the 27th movie at some like british billionaire that wants to buy a satellite of iraq air canas like oh my god that's a valid and you could get behind by the time we get a rob porter is like first to care by this i mean i not wifebeating and everything was like i'm so tired i kawabuko's we go with it i think it's just it's it's interesting because it's one of these things that you can't blame the democrats you can there's there's not very many extra i mean there are there still blaming hamas within their own office searches ridiculous but it to heart it's it's very ridiculous and a harder for them to blame other people but clearly john kelly new rights john kelly new you.

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