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Others spared. Our Vicki Barker is at the site this morning and says the country's leader has an optimistic outlook as to the rebuilding efforts. Onlookers cry out as Notre don's icon expire falls into the flames Monday within hours. President Emmanuel Macron was on the seat promising that this pillar of French identity will be rebuilt. Now, he says he wants the job done by the time Paris host the summer Olympics in twenty twenty four restoration experts, though, call that wildly optimistic after all constructing the cathedral nine centuries ago took several lifetimes. Vicki Barker, CBS, news, Paris, zoo, cathedrals, most precious relic, the crown of thorns. Was saved as was the great organ Denver area. Public schools are closed today due to an ongoing safety concern as thirty search for a teenager who they say is making threats police say she traveled from Miami. And is obsessed with the Columbine massacre which marks twenty years in a few days. Jefferson County sheriff Jeff Schroeder, we take these threats seriously. It's not certainly not the first threat that we've had that involves Columbine high school or references it in that regard. I know that this opens a wound especially on an anniversary week. The FBI says Seoul pays is armed and extremely dangerous. Prosecutors in Boston are expected to seek less than a year in jail for actress Felicity Huffman, she has pleaded guilty in connection with the college admission schedule it's taken down dozens of parents who wanted to help their kids get into college. A person familiar with the matter tells CBS news that federal prosecutors will recommend a jail term at the low end of federal sentencing guidelines for Huffman. That would be somewhere between four to ten months, but Huffman is reserving the right to argue for a range of no jail time to six months of guidelines, are discretionary it will be up to the federal judge to decide. The sentence Huffman was among thirteen parents who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud. She's due to be sentenced next month. Bill Rakoff CBS news. The man accused of throwing child from about Ghani at the mall of America in Minnesota. Appears in court CBS news correspondent, Jeff glor-. Judging Minneapolis set bail for manual. Rhonda two million dollars five year old boy who fell three stories is in critical condition..

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