President Trump, Economic Adviser, Larry Kudlow discussed on Arizona's Morning News


President's top economic adviser says there won't be another shutdown Larry Kudlow saying Americans should not worry about growing numbers of coronavirus cases across the country talking to help people this is no where's near some kind of second wave now is near a Kudlow insisting there will not be another economic shutdown of cases spike again that's ABC's Andy field now for the valley Chevy dealers traffic center let's at check in with detour Dan still got that crashed on the eastbound I. ten in downtown but it's getting better as far as slowing goes finally you know I took a little bit there even with all lanes open man when you get to the downtown there's like that's where everybody wants to get off the freeway if they're approaching downtown a lot of times here this crash you're off to the right looks like it's no longer gonna blocking lanes but the slowing has eased up more of about a seven to eight minute ride but improving as we speak little by little and hopefully we get it cleared out before it gets due to having coming up all right now the seventeen were also adding a couple of extra minutes on the seventeen approaching central avenues constructions on your get the total of fifteen minutes on the southbound seventeen from Peoria down to the ten split there's been a couple of service treat rex one of which the worst kind of fatal crash and it has got to be a road closed north and southbound Joe Max dynamite also it looks like our other it cleared up forty three Sweetwater this traffic report brought to you by consolidated personnel what is your payroll provider done for you lately if you're not getting a timely response during this pandemic maybe now's a good time to look into consolidated personnel services visit CPF B. E. O. dot com Peter and Kate here is either a one oh five with mostly sunny skies it'll be breezy clear tonight with a low of seventy five sunny and one of three tomorrow weather's brought to you by our air.

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