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But i think that as a whole we have it learned our lesson regretfully and i think i you know we're still talking about it not as much as before but still talking about it. I think in another two years. This'll be ancient history and we'll be talking about something else she don't. The great room design has gone away. Right you still think it's going to be. The big main. Great room is still going to be that prevailing dream for many people even though that they need to have three or four places for kids to zoom meetings during that now i would offices david like work from home. I you know months ago like a ten months ago a year ago. That's all it was talking about was finding ways to make their garage their bedroom. They're their walk in closet into a private office. You know. i think kind of backing. On what eric said before an end what actually maybe it was caroline said. You know everybody's realizing that. That commute is way too long ago. And i think they're going to end up moving closer to town and going back into smaller spaces and kind of nodding to well. We can always use the closet. We learned how to do that. And and it won't really work and would would push shove this. Look god willing. This kind of thing will never happen again in our lifetimes and we don't have to worry about it. We always eat. So what are we learning from this. It's interesting because you were talking about emergency preparedness before..

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