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Them into your crm. Every single day every single day your homework is going to be going research two or three people adam to your list, and by adding them, you're going to call them and you're gonNA, use our scripts. In your then obviously started building the center of influence past client list. Now, if you've got a big, crm, if you've got a bunch of people in there and you've been doing a really crappy job of following up with them, which is the case for most of you, I've got good news for you. They don't know that you have not been following up with them. They haven't been keeping track they're not. They don't have an egg timer saying you know what? That Julie Harris hasn't called me for six months they don't know. So, don't use don't use that as your excuse not to reach out to them just because you've never call them and you've only mailed them and you've always been passive. You know what you've been doing doesn't work and you're gonNA start doing the stuff that does work. Well, guess what it's a perfect time to start. No one's going to criticize you. They're not going to actually have remembered the last time they came in contact with you matter of fact, it's just the opposite. What's going to happen is is when you call them up, do not use our scripts do not apologize for not having called them do not about don't make some weird situation objection when they didn't even have it in. Their head, calm up us our scripts just like you'd call them thirty days ago. That's it. That's how you start. Don't make some weird sort of vibe in on the call making uncomfortable for everybody, right? Maybe do a little homework on empire calling. You haven't contacted 'em awhile go to their social see what's going on their lives make sure they're still alive all that good stuff mean these are important, right? Yes, indeed. So that was actually point number five, grow your database. The goal should be at least ten percent per month and there is a ten percent roll which I've seen most of our coaching clients because they do this plan get well more than ten percent, but the ten percent rule is. Do these things case just having a list that exists doesn't count. You have to actually do the points that we're going through. When you do that, you'll get at least a ten percent return. So if you've got a great past client center of influence database of one hundred people, you'll get ten fairly easy deals out of that every year assuming you communicate with them. So obviously, if you've got two hundred people the. Ten percent will you'll get twani pretty easy deals. Okay..

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