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As you. And one thing I didn't notice, and it's no problem. I didn't know she's only twenty six and he's forty four which is I don't know. I I usually get difference. He was not old. But I didn't think he was he just seems so much younger. I guess because he does so many things I mean his energy to host these shows. I I just didn't think of big difference. So sad for them. You know, I thought David twenty six year old that makes you feel younger. The original cast of Manitou and over for returning for revival. But it's not gonna be exactly like a revival. So basically, you know, six members who Jason Priestley Jenny Garth. They're doing a limited series on FOX. And it's basically they're playing themselves trying to get a revival. So it's not the same original concept. The concept of the show is the stars of nine. Oh, two are trying to film a revival of not out. But the show isn't the revival. It's making the revived in if they're supposed to be as it scripted the hours in reality show. I think as I mean, it's basically saying it's scripted. It's going to be, you know, getting the revival going may make for an even more delicious soap than their boot itself. Outside of their house when they go to cross. Yeah. What hit them with my car? But it's only six episodes. So they're probably like the last two couldn't. Yeah. I think you've got I think you've got all these. Guys, people joked about how big their egos were and all that stuff. And they and they probably sat around it was like this is the show. He just needs something to do because the. All of them. That are returning haven't done anything. I mean, Luke Perry is in question of being there. But he's been on Riverdale. So he's had something to do. And. Rebels. Awesome. So. Some other news the job rose are back. So if you've been waiting for Jonas brothers to reunite this is your time. Now, a new single coming up tomorrow called sucker and more importantly, they dropped the brothers. They're going to be called Jonas now. Well, so big things happening the brothers and the purity rings ladies to their first single and more than five years. They're going to have a tour and album. You know, just we don't know yet. It just that's all they're saying new song, and we're Jonas now. Okay. So are you going to get right? All right. So coming up on the next E ON the Z, we're gonna talk. Ed Sheeran news. He has a big secret. And we're just finding out about it. All right. Thanks seven thirty six here on the same mornings. You coming up next. You might want to stick around jet. Blue has a really cool contest when I'm right now. And it involves the big you have to do with your Instagram. It's pretty easy to deal, but you're sacrificing a lot..

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