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Dori i think it's time to talk to our guest daniel henderson our guest today is daniel henderson i did meal guys more you we are good i am good i shouldn't speak for you kate i'm crying i'm so excited year i am so excited you hear danielle i'm just going to introduce you to our listeners i'm going to cliff's notes your bio on your website which is great you should all go to jaas website and reliable because it's amazing staying hundred dot is daniel henderson dot net beyond the henderson dot com is a fencer oh and she hasn't updated in years but she won't give it up all right danielle henderson dot net typical fencer okay danielle henderson is a tv writer maniac divorce in difficult people or some of her credits freelance writer and a former editor and staff writer for rookie a book based on her popular website feminist ryan gosling was released by running press in august two thousand twelve you can can still buy it and you probably showed her memoir the ugly cry will be published in twenty eighteen and i'm just gonna read here we go okay daniel went back to college in two thousand eight after twelve year let's call it a hiatus and graduated summa cum laude into thousand eleven earning degrees in both english literature and women's studies two thousand thirteen she earned her masters degree in gender and women's studies and she dropped out of repeats d program after one semester no longer able to stand constantly being asked us the word xia logical which despite having a dictionary definition doesn't actually mean anything she likes to watch old episodes of doctor who when she is on deadline one of her tattoos is based on the movie rocky and she will never stop using the oxford comma welcome danielle henderson you guys thank you beautiful way to encapsulate me.

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