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Change it to Yoni son that metaphysical Megan said in captions of an image of herself herself fully naked on Iraq. Megan says she. I learned about parenting him stunning through her study of thousands and recently given I just WanNa Doubt Dour or you already Eh. Aiding Correcting I on the first time I was willing to let it slide. He he didn't do it because he's waiting to tell you you know. She recently gave up Promoting Cup of coffee in favor of Sunning her anus shirl more coffee it's a binary choice uh-huh one or the other defendants shoes phenomenon. So Black and white folks. It's actually black and white Crown White Pink and Bradley. I think at that one word or bleached caught the wider Internet's attention after one. Twitter user. Posted Megan's photo and caption and caption to the tune of eight. This this is her getting in getting that morning but son looks happy. She looks at Even late a listers are sunning. They're bums big. Little lies. Is Actress. Shailene Woodley who is known for holistic lifestyle. That doesn't even include a TV. Has admitted she's also practice version apparent neom sunny many times shaleen Woodley. I told people. Hey have you seen Mandala I don't have a TV right you let people don't have TV's anymore watch anything in there is no TV anymore. There's Youtube TV. The Laura dern does it too but that's only because she does everything she just getting hired to every single thing during the same character in that she he crushes it but her character story felt the exact same big little lies. General like Star Wars loved it. Listen she's great. I love interesting. Why is everyone jumping on on paranaense down on dirt? He's not the Hack Meryl Streep is she. Yeah Yeah nobody nobody likes Merrill Believe it or not woke culture. That's making Shannon. She's a good. I hate to do this. Guys but medical professionals are far from convinced that the practice. And there's no evidence that sunbathing in this way has any effect on physical wellbeing. Dr Dianna Gall and down gall to I believe of all of your disagree with raw from Earth your about to listen to this Dr Donegal of UK based online doctor service doctor for are you excited. She's less than the number four. The letter you are you. Ah Yes practicing. Mindfulness and meditation getting your dose of Vitamin D is beneficial for mental and physical health. But you don't need to damage your skin in the process from sun exposure Gal Gal golf suggests that a different and safer way is there's no other next. She has corner of the thing. where she she blogs on it called Gulf ready for this Android influencers are currently leading the sunshine in in their back door the federal trade commission having little luck convincing them to shed more light on product endorsements some sort of the best got tricked into buying a t shirt and they're mad about three stories? That's how we do it all right. Here's what you're this is what we have homework for you guys. But it's on this Friday night. At Marines Memorial theatre arrive with Chris. Read Aimee Mann and Goodson music. So we've got we've got a an you'll know where you need to park and then you'll know Ligo so many hotels right around that theater. You could just stay there for a week. You're the Saturday night you're gonna go see the honeymoon podcast with you. Go to the Swedish American music live album released. But if you don't live in San Francisco you could just buy the the.

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