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I've watched the video for the song twice now. I'm very excited about this new netflix series. I will definitely watch at least one and a half episodes before just getting tired of it. You have to watch the first seven and then you're not in love with the song but I'm in love with the potential that this performance could have like kind of I think it's kind of putting me in the same spot that Belarus's entry last year Like it put the end whereas this like all right. It's kind of a very basic pop song but with a good stage performance which I thought Belarus hat. I know I'm kind of in the minority on that one but I thought they earned their spot in the final last year. But yeah like I. I think there's a lot of potential particularly if they can pull like Kate Miller Heidecke type performance with the supergirl framework. And like if they're able to do something impressive for the audio for the live audience. I think is going to do really well if they're just going to rely on camera angles and on screen graphics. I think it's it's GonNa flop. I was joking with netflixing but this honestly this feels like a free form series like song. The song felt kind of junior to me out. Yeah Yeah like like it felt very junior and I'm just not sure just looking at the field we have so far. I'm it I agree with you. That the F. The live performances. Good it could do on the other hand. I think this is a lot of potential of flop. The thing is Greece's in the second semi-final. Oh yeah then. You'll see more of a black card for the first time you final. Nope the fact that this could be like up against like Samanta Tina and Iceland and Serbia Which will get you in a moment. I'll man we really got to take us for the second semi-final have set up alerts on my phone. For like the the resale market becomes. I need to be doing the dance in the arena. Yeah Oh good yeah because some of these might not make it to Saturday. Then what will you do so? I tried to get into Romania because I was like okay cool. It's one artist. It's five songs. How long could this take turns up very long Mary Long? Which great for them I. I'm glad that all of the songs are getting their full staging appeal on the other hand. I was tired. Yeah and I mean it's unusual for there to be your vision stuff on a Sunday anyway. So it's just kind of out of the normal rhythm and I mean there's not a lot of variation between the five songs Which makes sense because it's the same artist performing all five songs. The one that ended up winning of Iraq said was Alcohol you man and it. Kinda felt like she was willing that one to win based on some of the performances. I was only able to watch the first hour of the show. I had an appointment on Sunday and cherry red which seemed to be everybody's favorite like it had the most streams on spotify audience was chanting for it rocks and she is the opposite of number. One Fan of that song really seemed like. Please don't make me sing office. There was the first song of the night and like I was like. Oh this is the Billy Irish influence. And then there was the performance for that which I which icon online because I swapped over to Serbia by then and was like oh now I see the duly influence. Because she's not dancing. She's just standing there right. I need to sit down and listen to this one of more times because by the time that she got around to performing alcohol you I had already switched over to Serbia I'm still not sure Romania's on the right track yet. But we'll see how I will see how I feel about this in a few weeks once I've had some actual digestion time. I well first of all. It took me a while. I did not realize that alcohol you was upon. It took me until listening through the song for the third time. Yeah and like the last thirty seconds ago Oh I mean that's kind of one of my hangups or a second okay. English is my first language and I didn't pick up on the PUN. I'm curious to see how that's going to work in a like where English is not the first language for a lot of folks and it just like the lyrics including the phrase fake news. It's like Oh my brain just immediately. Shut Down Yeah. Yeah really shutdown. Yeah so if they're able to get a revamp done maybe lyrics pass or something in the next six days. Please try to fast track that but like I think like the actual singing on the track and like the Song Structure Works. I'm just not sure if the content is one hundred percent there but it's a lot to digest so and then Serbia also happened in like again like my brain was just hitting Eurovision Breaking Point. I actively watched it. I was like information was coming in but was not being processed because because like all of a sudden I was I was like. Oh we're at the recap. Yeah Apple. Didn't the show start with like an Italian disco number doing like various various Serbian songs of his past and there was like a fun Euro Disco Moment. Like yes this is. Why want like where where more people doing Italo disco songs? Well bed because it's not nineteen eighty-three don't need any three and we have better synthesizers. Now I wasn't able to watch the final but it was able to watch the semi-finals and there are a lot of GM's in this year's field which was Kinda Nice. 'cause usually Serbia kind of does what. Croatia does where can be very formal and very of a particular style and it seemed like they were being much more pop oriented. This time around weirdly. I was kind of looking for that out of their selection. And maybe I'm just like primed for like within the Balkans looking because they're very good at it yes and again like because again molodva was was one of their intervals. Make this beautiful song. Yeah but instead we got we got hurricane and hostile Visa.

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