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I don't know but let's talk about the symbols so we had four symbols in the show at the beginning of the episode. We had the horse and I was really worried. The start of the episode because I read the Little Synopsis on Netflix. So I knew there was a horse farm involved a mainly showed the horse's head and so I was like Busan. God God they showed. What was the next one of borough a pigeon? Yeah a bird which his junior's car. Okay all right cigars. Yeah the next one. I think we're cigars which I can't place with that. I mean beat. Was that Wendy in the was she when she was meeting with Jim. Thorpe Thorp Thorp. Whatever his name was was that he had a cigar was at like a smoking. Like a Gentlemen's Club. It no I don't know I don't think so. You guys. Yeah we'd love to her. Yeah this might be another. Reo speedwagon moment 'cause we miss something and then Oh. I said Muffins on a plate now. They were cookies because sue when Mardi goes to talk to her and give her more money sue says. Would you like some cookies? And she offers him cookies therapist. Can I just say this? This should speak to something about me and my character when he said no he leaves. I'm like why would you not take a fresh baked cookie and same thing with ruth like he's got his breakfast Burrito and you're like no I mean why aren't people. This is why I'm fatter than they are on TV because they don't eat food. I always take the food. Oh God I would take the cookies any day and every day all right now. We're we're down to the dirty dilemma. Who's got the biggest moral dilemma this episode? And what would you do? I mean we've said it before. Ozark really is just one big moral dilemma really but we try and find one for one particular character and we decided to talk about Charlotte. Because we've been talking about Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy Wendy and a little bit of Mardi and like I said the kids haven't had as much visibility this season and Charlotte had some good scenes in this episode and the question is should she really be taking it upon herself to try to dissuade Tommy. So Tommy is the guy that was Driving the boat that you know is trying to hook up with Aaron and then mention Oh Helen Pierces your mom and should Charlotte. Tell Helen about this relationship and risk her friendship with Aaron. What should she do right now? Charlotte's smart she realizes that Tommy recognize the name Helen and that he's obviously sniffing around and asking a lot of questions and she does. Tell Wendy. This which Wendy brushes off and that upset me Wendy should be smarter than that as far as whether she should risk errands friendship. Who gives a shit about irony idol? They're not that close friends. But I think that Charlotte is terrified of Helen. Well I think if she went to Helen and said here's what's happening then Helen would say will. Then it's your job to make sure she doesn't see him and she would totally put it back in Charlotte because Helen. We already know that. Aaron doesn't really like her mother and we know that Helen can't come out and say I don't want you seeing that boy anymore because that would make her run right to him. Yep so she's got to be doing the right thing. Good thought yeah and maybe that will actually come back and help her because Maybe Charlotte will win imports with Helen to say look. Here's what's happening and I saved your daughter from this douchebag. Yeah I'm actually hoping that's what happens. I didn't like Charlotte at all last season. I thought she was a whiny. Little Brash was made that very apparent but this year I mean granted. She does have a smaller role but this season. I'm liking her more. I feel like she's growing up. She is more mature and she's realizing how to you know. Put her head down and be part of the family. Nba team player. So I kinda hoping that she does work this out on her own and kind of. Save the day at somehow and you know kind of. I don't know step into the family business as bad as that sounds. I think they're already. They're they're all there in a way. Yeah all right guys. We had quite a few. I don't know this episode. So we really need your feedback. We need to hear what you got out of the episode. Maybe you had a different take or maybe we just miss stuff all together or you. Just you know you're like Gosh. I really want to tell those ladies. What a fabulous job. They're doing we. Welcome that especially that kind of feedback and you can do that. Well we haven't actually said you can leave a comment or a reviewer rating or whatever on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcast can you do that? Can you subscribe? And can you leave a review because that would be really awesome? That'll be dandy. Yeah we we always forget to ask that but if you WANNA talk to a specifically about this episode or any of the other episodes that we've covered so far war or how about this. How about an episode? That's coming up and you have a question. You WanNa make sure we cover has spoilers. Well THEY CAN. Yeah they can. We don't want somebody to email us and be like. Hey what about this when we haven't even seen it yet? Now you know Peter we mentioned before he emailed in a question and he's like you guys are going to understand this later but what about something about the money for the cabs -pletely obscure it's not a spoiler but when we when we see it we're GONNA know it we're GonNa know it so be careful or if you do have a question about future episode? Just put like spoiler in the subject and I'll number and we'll look at it after yes right. Yes ruined were recording.

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