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He has shown that he is capable of being a good goaltender. I don't know if he can be a starter right now but definitely a tandem goaltender with somebody else with another with another. You know another good decent goaltender so you agree. He at least needs to be a backup at the very least. He can't be in the ahl so this that comes to my second thought. If you're jim nill you want. You're sitting on the bench backup if he doesn't get in if the plan is for him to not at least get half of the games in the nhl. He needs to be playing in the ahl. That's my eyes. That's my thinking. If i'm jim no i'm not saying i agree with that but that's what i'm saying. I'm trying to read his mind. What i'm thinking. When you listen to the to the again i'm going to go back to this To this post game post game to this media availability interview that he had with all the stars media guys. He wants more competition for injure. He doesn't want to just give injure the rains in khudobin still there. If bishop is ready to go for training camp which. I don't think he will be And he's he's not you know he could be there and then now he's going to be there so if bishop was still healthy often would not take the starting job away from bishop. Right correct i would. You would agree with that right correct. He would take it away from khudobin. Yes but he but he wants to make sure that andreas fully ready and he wants more competition for auditor. I'm not saying i'm agreeing with this one hundred percent. I'm understanding it. But i'm not agreeing with it. Icu shake in your head. But do you understand the thought process. If you're jim now yes but the only way it makes sense is if you trade you trade khudobin like. That's the only way it makes sense. You can't you can't have. You can't have those three guys on the roster at the same time in my opinion you you're gonna scratch a goal every night like that. That can't happen. I don't think like that's not reasonable like y- there's going to be competition either way whether it's hopi or khudobin. They're they're both decent. Goalies still does allergy talk forever. Sh- stewart does figure out that for whatever reason he's going into a sophomore slump or going to have those guys we're going to be decent enough so that if our team is good we will still be a good overall but there's no f. three there's not an unless you're gonna scratch either your job in every game and then that's a lot of money that you're not even gonna have on on the bench so it only makes sense if you'd open a straight in my opinion that's the only way it makes sense and then trying to free up cap space for something else. That's the only way make sense in my mind. And if khudobin is not traded and auditors. Nhl that's insane to me. I would wholeheartedly disagree with it. Like have already said so. Who do you expect. Let's just say that bishop is not ready because it from obvious. I think that's one hundred percent obvious if he comes back at all for that fact. so who's the tandem. Tandem is holding dinger..

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