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Game. Oh you're not you're not doing your gacha game right now. Is bad losing value dude. We're yeah we're talking about. We'll talk about that. No because i flipped him. Keyboard thought i stopped record but on the computer revealed during games coming out. Check now and you're able to pick with the from certain vendors as your first caricatures doctor strange not my boy is it fun. I i think for the game. I'm going back. i can't. I can't eleven. Yeah it can be really fun Commission see how it all plays out and how it leads to other stuff. I'm always out for more marvel movie. I'm all about it. I'm out from more doctors. We don't have enough doctor strange. We hit movie. What like february or martin. Sometime next year we are technically supposed to get it now but thanks pandemic saj in fact i was like oh can we go. She sharing a yesterday still a week away. Should they've just been doing previews unlimited screams like montana advance. I'm like surely it's gotta come out show. That's what i said. I she's like there's a trailer and i was like. Oh fuck that's out. Looks dope city. Let's go see that knows like september third. Quake what i swear they. I'm gonna see no trace. September tenth i think just keep pushing it back a week and hoping i never noticed i'm never gonna be able to see it. It doesn't help either. That like a lot of people have had private screenings to it. so i've had. I've seen a lot of recommends. I thought of shane cheese. And i keep getting like photos on twitter like yo. Thanks for okay. Well then scott be like right around the corner man no. I just need another mindless super movie. Don't blame me. I'm a part of the problem. I wanna see the dragon. That's all i wanna see and Ended the fighting choreography sweet. I saw thing that he was like fighting the jacket and then like in the middle of the fight he takes off. The jacket uses it and then puts it back on. who's sick. It was really cool. Choreography always funny to things. Like in the middle of fight. Yes voicing bill got a flex on 'em see what else i had on the old topic list here. Well i'll give you an easy topic. Some might even call it mccreevy. The change get reasoning Is used to say like mccreevy's macree asari from overwatch is no longer macree. We'll we'll get a name change because if you haven't kept up activation is in shambles. So i was blizzard as far as harvest a fucking terrible culture over there as says as far as public eye and opinion right now. Rightfully so yeah. They're just getting dumpster and funny thing came out was california updated their lawsuit against activision blizzard Because they shredded evidence. Hr dude who's supposed to like have the the the employees and the people's bank companies literally doing exactly the opposite whoops And so people are like so next day. They're like Back soon away We're changing mcrae's guys like. I'm sure this was in the works anyway. But the announcement. Stephanie saucy baca almost looks like the hong kong kind of thing almost yeah almost them announcing overwatch to to try and to try and distract about on. Oh over yeah yeah. We support We don't support hong kong protesters of watch which which fast forward three years. Whatever we still nothing on it. That's just goes to show you. How just like up we rush onto well washes overwatch. Leaker metro says mostly done overwatch to getting delayed till twenty. Twenty three is partly due to the lack of progress on hero bouncing so yeah we might not even see it till twenty twenty three from an apparent leaker from hero balancing. What else do you do in the game. That's what you do palace here. That's what okay whatever Seeing twenty twenty three probably twenty twenty four. Let's be honest Show for those. I don't know why they would change. Jesse mccreesh name is because he was named after a employee at blizzard who has since been fired and come under the i because he has been involved in sexual stuff and so doesn't make sense to have the character. Nate like doesn't really seem right and so they're like we'll find a way to like actually change his name in the moving forward. We won't name anyone after reward people. It's like the problem. Wasn't that you named the character. After an employed the promise you named the character after a piece of shit employees have amazing employees that actually work hard and truly do care about the game and stuff like that and are good people like and you could name a character after that. That's not a bad thing but you just didn't vet the person and the person's a piece of shit. No problem is there. their names. Were probably like yeah paul miller. Now that doesn't make for good cowboy free. I think they probably shouldn't be naming characters after employees to begin with because that's a little conceited. Allah one apparently toward business. All africa alive employees. That's a little conceited. Yeah if you wanted to like in memoriam type name live employ and it almost like what they did with breakfast and wow in. They kind of put like an empty in the game for him. But that's different because that's an outside source like that's a sign honor like whereas naming someone after your internal employees who's still like it almost as like a god complex thing so they wouldn't and they wouldn't just name like the character wouldn't have gotten the name after like a normal like employees do well not only that but they were not going to name a normal like employee who was like doing you know working on the models or anything like of course they're going to of course people who have higher Influence are going to be the one who choose the name and it's like oh well yell let's.

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