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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Hey, good morning. Really busy weather day for us in the mountains. It's already snowing for Denver in the front range. Snow will hold off until late warning into the afternoon. Once it starts snowing we expect to five inches for most of us here in the metro area still wrap up by around midnight tonight. It's also going be a really cold day. Temperatures in the twenties for most of the day tonight. We drop down to minus one now tomorrow will be dry, but roads at aren't treated or ploughed. There will definitely be snowing them tomorrow morning. So keep in mind that for the Thursday morning drive. Tomorrow's high twenty one and then Friday mostly sunny will start at six in the morning only get up to forty in the afternoon from CBS four I'm Ashton Altieri on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Hey, twenty two on Colorado's morning news. The weather outside is it's going to get worse visibility. Certainly an issue right now is drivers deal with heavy fog in spots, and your drive home will likely be a whole lot worse. But snow getting a closer look at the forecast with the national weather service now and carry Bowen. Good morning Carey in morning. How long is this supposed to stick around and Wendy snow rolling into the metro right now, we're looking at some pretty dense fog or the northeast plains extending to south west air conifer? And then it starts to clear out. We're expecting it to stick around probably through ten AM probably start to dissipate a little bit around eleven shortly. After that, we're expecting some light snow to start mainly from the north west towards the urban corridor by the afternoon hours, and then by commute time, we're looking at some increased intensity. So maybe a nasty little commute for us today. How much snow are we anticipated? Do you think? All right now, we're still looking at about two to five inches for most of the northeast planes and.

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