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Bloomberg business act This is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update The Speaker of the House is still hoping to get a successful vote on the infrastructure Bill today We had hoped to be able to bring both bills to four today Some members want more clarification or validation of numbers that have been put forth California Democrat Nancy Pelosi told reporters that she hopes to get a final vote on that package by Thanksgiving the infrastructure Bill has been hung up in a dispute between democratic moderates and progressives over the bigger social spending bill Colin Powell was a great leader because he was a great follower That's the message his son Michael delivered during a memorial service in the nation's capital today Former Secretary of State Madeline albright also spoke calling Powell a very gentle and decent man Reverend Randolph Marshall hollerith called Powell a great American leader and patriot who always kept the faith Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo's arraignment in the sex crime case against him is being pushed back It will now be held January 7th instead of this month It's because the Albany county district attorney said the criminal complaint against Cuomo is potentially defective because it didn't include a sworn statement by the victim A Chinese intelligence agent is now facing U.S. federal prison after his historic arrest and trial Jack crumbly has more dungeon shoot with a senior officer with China's ministry of state security He was accused of trying to steal trade secrets from top aviation companies including GE and in 2018 federal agents were able to get him to travel to Belgium where he thought he'd be meeting with a GE engineer but he was arrested and he became the first Chinese intelligence agent ever to be extradited to America The U.S. attorney of the southern district of Ohio on Friday tweeting yeon Jian Shu has been convicted by a federal jury in Cincinnati At the closing bell the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 203 points to 36 three 27 The S&P 500 rose 17 to 46 97 while the NASDAQ added 31 points to 15 9 71 I'm Brian schuck New York prosecutors are now convening a second grand jury in their ongoing investigation into the Trump organization's finances Liz Warner reports With the company and CFO Allen weisselberg already facing tax fraud charges Manhattan DA Cy Vance is thought to be evaluating additional charges and so their impaneling a new grand jury since the first jury's term is believed to have expired Vance Westchester DA Mimi roca and New York AG letitia James have all led probes into whether the Trump organization misled officials in its financial reporting although the former president was not charged with any wrongdoing Trump has long maintained the investigations are politically motivated Liz Warner reporting The navy has fired three top leaders after a U.S. submarine struck an underwater mountain in the South China Sea The three leaders were aboard the attack submarine USS Connecticut when it struck an unchartered sea mountain in early October a U.S. official says the commander of the 7th fleet has determined the incident could have been prevented and that the submarine was traveling faster than it should have been in an area not well charted One Virginia Democrat says it's Terry mcauliffe's fault He lost the race for governor more from Kathy white Republican Glenn young upset Democrat Terry McCullough to win the governor's race Fourth district congressman Donald my kitchen says McCullough struggled to connect with voters and his comment that parents shouldn't tell schools what to teach was a horrible misstatement Mckechin tells The New York Times you can't tell a group of people that have had to homeschool their kids for 18 months that their opinion about their child's education doesn't matter I'm Kathy white This year's Rockefeller center Christmas tree will come from Maryland for the first time ever The 79 foot tall Norway spruce will be cut down next Thursday from a home in elkton Maryland The tree will make the trek from Maryland and arrive in Rockefeller center a few days later on Saturday November 13th I'm Brian shook And I'm Charlie pellet app Bloomberg world Hank waters records on Wall Street 5 winning weeks in a row for the U.S. stock market Ryan Dietrich is senior market strategist at LPL financial We are getting stretched but it's been a great run clearly the last several weeks here LPL Ryan Dietrich so Wall Street wraps up a busy week that included a fed decision at jobs report and big news from Pfizer that its COVID-19 pill showed strong results Michael Collins is senior portfolio manager at PGM fixed income The jobs number in the chairman's comments are aren't the half of it I think this news actually from Pfizer and on the COVID side are our game changer This is a real positive for the supply side of the economy and the demand side Michael Collins of pgim and Anastasia is chief investment strategist that I capital network In the very beginning of Q four we've been flagging the Q four is going to be pretty typically end up being seasonally strong 78% of the time it's higher and on average it's higher by four and a half percent Well we are already just a month into the fourth quarter and we're up about 8 and a half percent And we still have almost two months to go till year end Anastasia maroso of I capital network according to court documents Boeing directors agreed to a $237 million settlement of claims they turned a blind eye to safety issues relating to 7 37 max jetliners whose crashes have cost the company more than $20 billion A.

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