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Gets like legit depressed because she's like what's the point they're already dead why should i even bother helping end like i thought that was like so realistic um and everyone's like no no you got out but she's like ugh linked um it's because germ tells her the as dating carla the la is missing and only the into the book we find out it is muriel's twin yeah so not only was he the dancer she was trying to get to come watch rose because she thought her crazy as twin brother could help rose out but he was like secretly living in town yeah for all this time i iasc killing girls every christmas and we like get to see because there are interspersed start the book there are like chapters that are like him and it's but the haters naive so i am surprised by two we'll have lights on girl where it's like all of a sudden in the middle of the book your leg crime hearing from another person now but it's like so basically it's like this narrative of this guy who oh my god the should about the puppy so he was like abused as a child who is so sad yeah yes so it was like he was trying to peek into what his christmas presents were and so as a punishment the mom killed the puppy he was going to get and left him in the basement with the puppy on annan told hide his twin sister that he killed the puppy ya the it so fucked up i wanted to know were more about that mom though he to us or and also i wanted to know about like how much of it affected mural like i like what is a homeward please yes yes but not no way where it's like lady you didn't even get into this but like will there's so much worse story here that like what he's holes yeah and i mean i don't hawk any that gets which continue there's a which there is a way to figure this out i guess.

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