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But i'm i'm glad jama story with unum. I know it'd be live. Four goes into podcast but that's update stadium and get off gets put on the punk cat out listen to on little funk keep goodwill forgot what kinda call was at Nineteen sixty five dodge colon. Forty not originally for forty ten package and the funny thing is about it As large as my say nothing long grown men say that too. It's a four door sedan but My into game will say anything. I tried to Kind of make the fastest photos on trudeau's down around you know i can't run with the hell knew how can challenges than anything but you know i shall scale bonded civics and some boys are talks about it months. Thank inch like have done before So yeah accutane tell you what i call it. And it's going to be hard together or something. But hopefully i can see my story on the five s them. Keep up the good work in. Hey nathan thanks for sending in your story man. Yeah funny Before i got to your last message home man. What kind of car is it. So my head. I was trying to figure out. I was like okay. It's kinda three eighteen. Paulie in it. Which is the polish vehicle three eighteen. And i'm thinking okay so it's gotta be you know i. I was guessing and lo and behold your last message let us know what kind of car was how great. thanks nathan. cool story man. hey. I don't care how many wars mope are has. It's still cool in my book. Buddy and i'm all for building sedan. I think more four doors should be purchased and hot rod. you know. Maybe that's just me but they also make great project cars. They're not nearly as expensive as you know. Chargers or kudos or challengers or anything like that and not. Everybody's lucky like johnny moped can get a charger for one hundred boxer even a thousand. I mean even thousand dollars for a charger in nearly any condition is a screaming deal in today's market man. So i'm all for it. I actually am really curious to see what ends up happening with your cornet. So keep me updated on your project but he thanks for sending in your story. I just love getting stories from listeners. Who tell me that they learn. Something on my podcast. Because i'm no mopeds expert. I'll be the first to admit that so. I like to think of it as a learning experience for everybody you know. Even if you're mo- par guru maybe at some point along the the duration of this podcast you know for however many years ago. Maybe you'll learn something. I just love hearing stories about people that you know. Learn something from the show you know even if it's something small i think that's great. I love hearing. That people listened to the podcast while they're out in their shops or in their garage or out in the yard. You know in their car port working on their mo- pars and they're listening to me. Talk about mope ours. That's awesome to me. I love it. And i really love it when you guys call and share your stories and even when you email your stories. I'm just horrible reading. And that's the only reason why. I prefer you guys calling in but thanks man. I really appreciate it. I can tell that you're a mope aren't and that everybody that you know all the listeners stories that i get i can hear the enthusiasm for mo- pars in your guy's voice much like i mean i've had people tell me all we can really hear how much you love mo- pars liking here the same thing you guys and it makes doing this podcast so rewarding because i know that i'm not the only lunatic out there. That's obsessed with mope pars so that's cool man appreciate you sending in the story nathan. Keep me updated on your project. Thanks for sending in your story. Our next listener story comes to us from a familiar to the show. And the reason why i called this gentleman of familiar is because he has the talking mo- parts record for most voicemails left and that is our friend tad tad is back. Let's hear what tad has to say this time around all right chris. I said in an email that i wouldn't Be leaving voicemails and soon got less than twenty four hours and it's a tad just listened to the podcast again and Yeah i just wanted to thank you for sharing. My stories embarrassed i but I was like you know what. I'm gonna own this my life. This is all the stuff that i've done and cars. I've had and honestly after listening to to get a realized how much i had forgotten until i started listening to your podcast and other people stories and realizing how involved in cars and working on cars and all that but i have been Anyway i wanna thank you for that As i was listening. I i really started out air cooled volkswagen back when i was like twenty one twenty two. I got sixty six bus but Reminded me of volkswagen story What else twenty four. I worked at a volkswagen shock. Allah restored did regular maintenance and stuff. I remember closing up one day and the phone rings and i answer it. This guy is like hey you guys filed cars or whatever it okay what do you what do you got. He's like oh. I have this sixty four. Volkswagen bus have to get rid of and moving. It has to be gone. And i was like wolves it in good condition or what kind of conditions of them. Well that hasn't been driven for about two weeks but Other than that. It's in pretty good shape so close the shop up at our shop. Trump was truck was a Sixty seven single cab So i hopped in that thing and through the tow bar in the back drove suttles. Fifteen twenty minutes to this guy's house. And i mean there's this a sixty or kombi You know look like they've been driven yesterday but I get their open up the engine compartment and engine was pretty dusty and and there's no way of looking at the engine and in the last two weeks so anyway i stand up guys like i'll take one hundred bucks. I have to move tomorrow. So i i think that thing up until at home Ended up keeping it for a few months. And then i sold it but Just just knowing. Now that those waltz wagons are going for i i can say that i i got one hundred dollars i just again remembering some of those old times and memories that i haven't got a volkswagen bus for a hundred bucks as well Anyway chris again. I appreciate your podcast. Ah it's awesome listening to it. I still have to get used to hear my voice but Yeah i even listening to my own voice telling my story it brings back a lot of memories and last and giggles and and Yeah i appreciate it. Thanks so much. Chris Talk to buy a to add. Welcome back buddy. I'm glad that you know hearing the podcast brings back memories and you know of good times and laughs and things like that that makes them that really just makes me happy to hear things like that man. It really does. And you know it's funny. You say getting used to listening to your voice. How do you think i feel. You know what i mean. I hate listening to my own. Voice it sucks but you know it is It comes with the territory. I guess but i do appreciate you as a listener. You know you talking about volkswagen's in this is a mo- podcast tad but i'm gonna let it slide. This time because i have something to admit.

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