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About joining this organization. This franchise. Chicago blackhawks. It's one of the best organizations in the league. It's been around for a long time and. Are they have a history of winning here? Or that awesome. Although on your chest. I was where that at North Dakota. And it kind of brings me back to those roots and. Know, it's it's just a it's a great organization. They give us their plays very well near the traditional winning here. So it's definitely special organization. Happy to be part of it. And that reference to schmaltz and Luke Johnson was the fact that he was a teammate of those two on the North Dakota 2016 NCWA championship team for which could ULA was named the most outstanding player of the frozen four. As a matter of fact, he was on the CBS line could ULA brought Besser Nick schmaltz that was the top line. Four North Dakota in route to that 2016 national championship could you tonight and his Blackhawks debut, eleven minutes nine seconds on the sheet. He had two shots on goal. Three hits. Also had. Eight face offs in all he won only two of those face offs, which here, Jeremy Carlton, very pleased with his Blackhawks debut, and he thinks he could handle some Senator responsibilities for the Blackhawks down the road with a little improvement. Obviously the other part of that with the move yesterday that could you Lezak today was that Dylan's occur and address Martensson were each sent down to Rockford. Let's now take a look at the Blackhawks top minor league team with the Rockford files. Sponsored by xfinity xfinity delivers the fastest internet with the best in home wifi experience. Call click or visit and experience store today and Sukur and Martensson each played in today's ice hogs game against Iowa in Rockford. They each picked up an assist in a sixty two victory. The ice hogs finally getting some offense. They have the second fewest goals in the AHL right now. But all felt a little bit better. They have phoned his six in that central division. But they beat the first place team in the Iowa wild today. So the ice hogs now sixteen fifteen three and four. Before the season the big star that game as the ice. Hawks scored three in the second and three in the third was Jacob Nielsen who was recently sat down from the big club ear after getting a couple of games with the hawks. He scored a hattrick is eighth ninth and tenth goals of the season. The other goal scores were a Luke Johnson as well as Anthony Lewis who added to assist Andrew Campbell had the other marker for the I saw Jordan Schrader added to assist so the ice hawks a six two victory over Iowa. When we come back on the Blackhawks post game show, you know, the hawks already had beaten, Pittsburgh, five to three. What about the rest of the NHL? We'll take a spin through next on seven twenty WGN. Remember,.

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