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Babe ruth ian season Yeah but that hasn't stopped People like steven naismith. Yeah stephen a smith is also trending would probably be the number one trending thing if people didn't spells name differently or You know the stephen as like number. Eight and stephen smith is like number four trending so combined. I think he would be number one but he came through with the take. That like i don't know is. Is that really who we want to be. The face of major league baseball jeans a translator who can't speak english. The are you talking utah. Shut the fuck up. Like what the i mean. Ichiro had a translator and then he eventually over time he developed his. You know english skills and was able to to do his own interviews but like what is with this. This weird like i mean. I guess it's the most baseball take to be like. Is this non-american person. The best face for this sport. Yeah when you look at it like dino people from international players have given us so much of like the memorable moments To to even discount. That is such a stupid stupid take but again i think it's like a lot Del dave schilling was tweeted. Just how like you know. It's people love. When stephen smith is just stupid but does shit like this. And you're like this is apps this is like this is like this is just vile. This is not a real like. It's not a hot take. it's xenophobic. It's nonsense and and useless and he's like yeah we'll probably be back to laughing at the bullshit a later on. But he's like overall. Steven naismith is a net negative. I would say. I'm like yeah when you when you say shit like this with your chest in the face of someone who's doing something so monumental it's it's yeah. I have personal reasons for really disliking. Stephen smith but i i would agree that negative. And there's there's been a lot of like positively around him and just like many never sleeps. He's like doing so many different shows. And you know definitely you know hardware can do. And that's what we care about in america but think the ideas he puts out there. Just you know negative for the sake of having take via. But it's not like it. Like sports media is dumb in general kind of way you sign up for but it doesn't need to be openly racist. Hey all right. And johnson johnson is trending. The fda's playing to warn that the johnson and johnson krona virus vaccine can increase the risk of a rare nerve condition known as guillaume beret syndrome Yes that's that's a big one that is That's not a small while the blood clot thing was one thing and now we're talking. Three two people were three to five times likelier to develop it than just sort of the general population for people who had received the johnson and johnson vaccine. They still say it's very rare and that the benefits still far outweigh the risks. But this is a this is not. That's not good. That's not a good thing for anyone to read. Especially if you've got the johnson and johnson vaccine but they do say that these sort of symptoms were obviously most likely develop in the first three weeks but yeah that's More to come on that. I mean they've already had to do all kinds of positive things on this but for those who have like the biotech pfizer. Maderno one not to worry since using using different technology to create the Inoculation and is jim beret. Like that's fatal right. That's like i believe so. I mean it's it's like always It's it's very rare. And i feel like leads to paralysis and things like it's it's it's becomes paralyzed. Yeah so scary. Shit still get vaccinated Let's take a quick break and we will be right back. Introducing more day a new iheartradio fiction thriller podcast from the creative minds of blood house and crip tv one month after two brothers disappear. 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Music festival is the ultimate once in a lifetime. Experience tickets now while you still can through. Axs dot com. And we're back and just when you think mel gibson can do no wrong There's footage of him at the at the latest. Ufc as donald trump is entering To go stanton next to the octagon. I guess And mel gibson Saluted donald trump. And i was like well. I mean okay. He could have been doing it sarcastically. We don't know like why is this News and it's because the right is i mean i. I have my suspicions based on everything we know about mel gibson like why he why he was saluting trump But the reason that this is such big news is the right like a daily caller and daily wire and all those sites breitbart are reporting this breathlessly. Just because they're like another another person. That hollywood libs love is is a trump supporter. How are they going to deal with this. Okay shitty screamy uncle guy with anti semitic racist Ideologies like trump. Okay shocking did not see that one come. That's such a combo of words. Mel gibson saluted trump at ufc. I can't even. I can't even deal with this con- is happening again and yeah not that one. The big constables happening and people can can is happening. And the the main things that people are buzzing about Is that matt. Damon has movie. Where he's a maga- dude. Going like rambo in a mediterranean town or i guess maybe more like going liam niessen in taken in a mediterranean wisey magnitude. He's like he's like trump's like that's the that's the that's the character. Yeah is his daughter instead of his daughter calling.

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