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What's again today joined by Jim Valley who is replacing semper Fi for a day? Ed Jim what are you wearing this lovely afternoon Brian. It's been a traumatic time for all of them so I wanNA use you into this because it was a last minute decision. Here come on. I'm just wearing a plane. Evergreen t-shirt is nothing Tony. I actually own regular shirts and again I I realized I realized only give you twenty minutes heads up. How long does it take to put a shirt on? I was dealing with other stuff but I see maybe we can say since just green. It's like the Stalker Berry Window when you just. It's an evergreen shirt. Maybe it's skinner in the weeds. You can't see him. I don't know Evergreen is a show that we could play a new eternity evergreen chirp. This'll be a lot to get into. The raw show was last night. He have any thoughts on raw. They would be but you come to Texas here today. Forty five seven eight zero seven five six six. Take some phone calls. I T's phone calls on on twitter. I probably will take them. One eight hundred seventy play one. Eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine. There really isn't a ton of news here today. We got W E postponing tour which actually is kind of interesting. And I'll tell you why we've got. Cain VELASQUEZ NOT A no longer contract with me. And we've got all of the information from Raleigh Nights. Those are the big stories today in the final segment of the show. Adam Abdallah joining us and he is. I don't think he's written he has. He is launching a wrestling visual media magazine and he has written some stuff for the magazine. But there's a lot of writers magazine. A lot of writers louder different stories and features is one hundred pages. Long it was set to debut over of all places wrestlemainia weekend. It did not. But we'll tell you all about it here. Today Orange Crush Journal of art in wrestling you'll be in the final segment of the show and a lot of other fun stuff so stick around. We'll he could after the break wrestling observer..

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