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And and let me tell you something one of the first calls i'm gonna be making to the new. President of the united states is the poor business practices. That's going on with the world wrestling entertainment. And then all of a sudden you got motherfuckers left and right get andrew yang to come onto the show doing these interviews and you can also. You're a wrestling fan and and you know so. What do you like about pro wrestling in. And who some of the promotions that you follow any you kind of realize that nod this guy. This guy ain't really current on his pro wrestling like that he he he ain't like the the true the true guys in the true park hauser's that's going in weekend and week out and an an fucking checking out the shit all that he he just there was a time when he watched it. Maybe some fifteen twenty years ago but not he ain't there now all. It is good talk. Remembered chick from beverly hills nine. Oh two one. Oh isn't she liked the sag Representative or something like that. She handled sag relations shit. You know all zelina vega. That's unfortunate what had happened to you. Please girl give me a call limited. A you're absolutely right. There should be a your decision. You've got page handle business sister. You got all these other people as you go girl. Naw all the shit that's going on and yet when it counted the most nobody nobody when it counted the mosey mugs. Talk really good game on social media but when it comes time to actually walk the walk and put action behind those words. All of a sudden mom is the word and zelina vega unfortunately found herself On the outside looking in. I truly believe that her heart was in the right place. I don't believe that she meant any. Ill will or malice towards the wwe. She really did believe In in that unionization for wrestlers. But you know you're talking about an empire that has been around for decades and they have yet to switch up there Philosophies their principles on a lot of those things and look for nothing but a lot of those men and women that end up becoming pro-wrestlers you know they. They know what they're getting themselves into when they get ready to put their name on those dotted lines they understand and yet they signed and the rest is pretty much history. You see what became of andrew yang with his little fifteen minutes of fame. This guy for all the money that he puts out there. Oh i i got these midi jobs you know thanks to my money and my companies is what i was able to do to the e you see how ultimately he was trying to tap into a certain age demographic in hopes that he somehow continue to capitalize on their ride it in to the new york primaries and becoming the mayor of new york and that pretty much blew up in his face did it not he he at the end. He didn't even win right. So i look at what. Went down with zelina vega no different than what went down with my dad and when he ultimately lost his job..

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